Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beat the Heat

So. Cathy's here. We're pretty delighted to have her. She's sitting on my couch looking at photo albums from 2007 while I blog. You couldn't ask for a better friend.

I picked her up from the airport yesterday afternoon and we immediately headed to Tucson. I took her to meet my grandmother. My grandmother told her a bunch of random stories, including one about the cowboy Tom Mix. He died just north of Tucson in 1940. That's important. Remember it for later.

Here we are at dinner. Just me and my friend, Margarita.

I enjoy Margarita's company very much. Cathy's not bad either. (Elisa came to dinner with us, but there are no pictures of her- insert sad face) This is me relishing my first night ever without Spencer. I'm demonstrating how I'm going to utilize every inch of space in the bed.Cathy's trip to AZ has two themes. Rules if you will. #1. Beat the heat. In everything we do we have to beat the heat. #2. Cathy must drink more water. I'm forcing water consumption all day long.

Cathy and I went to Sabino Canyon this morning. We went early but it was still ungodly hot. We took the tram for most of the way and then "hiked" for like 10 minutes.

A lovely elderly woman who knows very little about centering a picture took this of us. I took no less than 6 pictures of this exact scene. You just can't see why. I can't even see why and I took 6 of these damn pictures. There's the reason. Can you see her? It's Sonoran Desert Bambi. Obligatory "visitor from the East with desert in the background" pictures. It would be against the law to not take these shots.

Cathy is a kindergarten teacher. Instead of Flat Stanley she has Sheila Laguna. I took a picture of her taking a picture of Sheila.
Here's Sheila with a prickly pear cactus.
After Sabino Canyon and a nice cold shower (and a glass of ice water) Cathy had a moment with Ginger.
And then they posed for a picture.
And then we posed for a picture.
Remember Tom Mix? Yep. We visited his roadside monument.
I really think it has been the highlight of the trip.
Except for maybe this. The native American ruins in Coolidge. We never did find a wheelchair for me to run her around in. And dammit if they didn't have a 50 gallon bucket of gatorade readily available.

Luckily though, Cathy still had some eegee left from lunch in Tucson. Always refreshing after 115 degree native American ruins.
More Cathy trip to AZ 2010 updates are coming. I already have a sweet, sweet picture of her and Michael peeling potatoes.


chelsea said...

What's up with the cliffhanger? The shot of Cathy and Michael peeling potatoes.....
Looks like a great trip. Glad Cathy has survived thus far. Keep pushing the water!

Maryellen said...

I loved this post. I'm not sure what my favorite part was. I think it might be your grandma talking about Tom Mix and you two documenting that you went to his site. Or it might be the picture of you and Margarita.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely loved this blog, of course I am incredibly biased. Thanks for the awesome hospitality (and keeping me cool). Looking forward to 2012!