Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Holidays?

Last week Spencer and I popped in to the mall just to burn a little time in the day.  We ate lunch at the food court, read some books at the book store and played in the play area.  Right before leaving we went in to Bath and Body Works to check on their sale stuff.

They already had an entire display of Halloween stuff out.  I took a picture and used it for my facebook status.
Here's a bigger picture for you.  I will be buying the pumpkin and jack-o-lantern soap dispensers ASAP.
Moving on.  Amy's birthday was on Thursday.  We're going to a birthday dinner for her tonight and I thought it would be nice to bring her a present, so Spencer and I headed to Hobby Lobby after school yesterday.  Amy loves Halloween stuff so we went there intending on checking out their selection.

They have 3 aisles of Halloween and Fall stuff. 
It made me long for hot apple cider and knit sweaters.
We were just slowly strolling around checking stuff out and talking about the pumpkins, etc.  Then we left an aisle and ran smack into this:
Yes.  Santas.  Then we turned down the next aisle.
Yes.  Ornaments.  Hobby Lobby has 11 aisles (both sides) of Christmas decor ready to roll.  There were probably 20 end caps with Christmas stuff and 5-6 more displays in the main aisles.  Most of the back wall was all Christmas stuff.  They had Santas sitting right next to scarecrows.

Don't get me wrong.  I love Christmas.  I love shopping for Christmas.  But it was 110 degrees outside.  Christmas isn't for 4.5 more months. 

It's a little early Hobby Lobby.


Jennifer said...

Amen to that! I was in HL this week too and was amazed at all of the rows and rows of Christmas. I am all about being prepared and not waiting until the last minute but seriously who really needs Christmas supplies in Aug.?

Chelsea said...

crazy. Truly crazy!

Cat said...

I thought of you about two weeks ago when I had to go to the mall. I walked by Yankee Candle and they had their Halloween stuff out, just like you mentioned on FB not too long ago. Crazy! I love the holidays too, but it's still August.