Monday, September 7, 2009

Spencer Turns Two!

I think that "Spencer Turns Two" will edge out the previous post about the party for the greatest number of pictures. It took me almost an hour to just add all these images.

I was too lazy to scan this picture and include it with my birthday post yesterday, so I'm doing it now. The nice people at Benihana took a picture of the whole group and gave it to me in a little frame. Thanks nice people at Benihana.

So, my baby turned 2 yesterday. I am in almost as much shock as the day he was born. My friends were telling me how amazed they were that Spencer now looks nothing like the little baby he was when he was born. I, however, still see the exact little face I saw when they handed him to me for the first time. I really think he looks exactly the same, only bigger.

Here is a really boring re-telling of how we spent Spencer's BIG day.

We woke up on Sunday morning and just kind of hung out at home. There was a dance-off at one point, but sadly, no pictures were captured.

We ate breakfast- Spencer's favorites- yogurt, toast and fruit. This is Spencer being goofy and showing that he can hold the spoon in his mouth without hands. He does a little dance with it too. Brendan gave me a card that sings and Spencer spent the better part of the morning being entertained by it.

Next, we took the official 2-year-old picture. The hat was Spencer's idea. In the last 3 days he has suddenly become concerned about what he wears. He's actually rejecting my choices and making his own. WHAT?

We took Spencer with daddy pictures.
And Spencer with mommy pictures.
I know it looks like Spencer is flashing gang signs, but we're really just showing how old he is. He doesn't quite "get" the two fingers thing.
We took a bunch of pictures with the Spencer blocks.

Some were good.
Some were bad.
And some were really, really bad.
Once my parents and grandma arrived we were able to get some family photos. My mom said that Ginger looked awful with her demon eyes and I shouldn't share this picture.
I have a program that allows me to cut and paste different body parts in photos, so I borrowed Spencer's eyes and pasted them on Ginger. I almost peed my pants when I saw the final product. Do you think this looks better mom? (maximize the picture for the full effect)
Spencer spent some quality time with his great-grandmother.
They played "this little piggy went to market" about 500 times.
Presents were opened.
Presents were played with.
And then Spencer took a much needed nap while the adults assembled this:Well, the adults minus my dad because he decided he needed a nap too. On the floor. Because I don't have a queen bed, a double bed, a twin bed, 2 recliners, a loveseat or 2 couches he could have slept on.
Doesn't it look nice? Don't you wish you could cook dinner in this kitchen?
Spencer woke up from his nap and immediately went for the kitchen. He made himself some hot dogs with black pepper and cinnamon.
I give myself 4 days before I start cursing about all this plastic food as I step on it, slip on it and accidentally kick it across the floor. Then I will remind myself that the little donut is really cute and the pots and pans make noise like there are things actually cooking in them and I'll forgive the food. For a few more days.
After the grandparents and great grandparent left we ate dinner and then gave Spencer his own little cake.
He was nice enough to share it with Ginger. What a polite 2-year-old. He didn't even slap her after luring her in with the promise of food like he usually does.
There was a rousing game of peek-a-boo with a fork.
And with hands.

And then my little boy, who is still a baby to me, went night-night, sleepy-sleepy and I spent the next 3 hours updating the blog and writing this post. And then I went night-night, sleepy-sleepy.


Kendra Forgacs said...

looks like fun! i must say, if i had a program that allowed me to cut and paste different body parts i would never get anything done! happy belated birthday to you both!

The Yager Family said...

What a sweet run-down of the big day. Sounds like a very nice and chill celebration.
Unbelieveable that he is 2...

Maryellen said...

That was a very sweet post for your sweet little boy! You're a great momma!

I LOVE Spencer's kitchen. That is super cool.

The picture with Spencer's eyes on Ginger was really funny. I've never seen a beagle with such expressive eyes before. :)

Chelsea's Mom said...

Happy birthday to a big 2 year old!!! my how time flies!