Saturday, June 17, 2017

Vacation ends and I'm sick

We wanted to be on the road back to Arizona between 8 and 9 am on Friday the 2nd.  Joni and Blaine moved out of their house the day we left for vacation, left everything in storage and moved into their new house the day we got home, so they had a long day ahead of them. 

We took a nice picture of the outside of the house.

And then John set the timer to get one more group shot.  I was very much amused by the set-up shot.

Bye-bye Rocky Point House. 

I like the big pile of beer boxes we left by the front door. 

And how the dogs had no idea where to look. 
It took about three hours to drive home.  Once we got here we rinsed the shells and then did laundry all day long.  It was an early bedtime for everyone. 
On Saturday the 3rd my dad drove up here and then we drove separately to Mesa to attend a Catholic ordination.  We have a friend, Daniel, who was being ordained. 

I've been Catholic my whole life and this was my first ordination. 
Here's what you need to know about it: it was two and a half hours long. 

That's Daniel standing in the white with his back to me. 
This girl decided it would be appropriate to just sit on the floor in the aisle next to 70 priests so she could get good pictures on her iphone to post on Instagram.  We were in church and I almost murdered her.  I was so, supremely annoyed.  She got in my way, everybody else's way and even messed up shots from the team of professional photographers and press photographers.  I think a lot of people almost murdered her. 

See her still there?

BTW, that's a priest from our church blessing Daniel. 
And another priest from our church.  Oh, and there's the girl, still sitting on the floor.  Wrecking all the pictures. 

After the ordination I went to a clinic at Walgreens.  I had been fighting a head cold the whole time we were in Mexico.  I think adrenaline, willpower and pina coladas kept me going, but as soon as we got home it was apparent I was genuinely sick.  I spent the rest of Saturday in bed and still slept for like 10 hours that night.

This is the only picture I took on Sunday the 3rd.  Ginger stayed with my parents while we were in Mexico and we were so glad to have her back. 
I also got this notification from Facebook.  It seemed really weird.  Weird enough to screenshot.  This must include every like since I joined in 2009.
I had to work on Monday the 5th.  It was awful.  Sick and the first day back after vacation.  Awful.  I stopped at Home Goods on my way home to get a gift for a friend.  I also found these cork place mats that perfectly match our tablecloth. 
That day was also the first day of swim team for Spencer and swim lessons for Elliott.  Next summer Spencer will be in a different practice with the "big" kids, but for now he's still with the babies (five to nine year olds).

It was 108 degrees and we were not thrilled about an entire summer of this. 
I also had to work on Tuesday the 6th.  I stopped at Ross on my way home.  There was something really specific I needed to buy, but since it was so long ago I have no idea what it was. I did find new throw pillows for the couch though.  I've been looking for a solid year. 



That afternoon I put on a new jamicure.  Elliott picked it.  I ended up not loving it.  It was a bit immature. 

Then I made a double batch of chocolate frosted sugar cookie bars with sprinkles.
And a double batch of snickerdoodle bars.

Look at all of that delicious dough. 

After baking. 
Spencer wanted some ice cream after dinner.  He hit a chocolate core that was pretty solid.  I had to use a knife to hack it apart.

We put Spencer to bed before we realized it was the 6th and we had never taken his picture.  So, back in there I went. This is in the top three of worst pictures ever but due to my failure, not because of his attitude. 

Three more months and this kid will be 10.  OMG.  Double digits. 
OK, friends.  We've made a pretty big and good dent in the blogging time line.  I might even catch up before the 26th.  Maybe.  Possibly like two days sooner. 

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