Monday, June 19, 2017


After a long day at Bearizona and a late night at the inauguration, the kids slept soundly all night the night on Thursday, June 8th.  We were staying in dorm rooms that were set up suite style.  Spencer stayed on one side, Elliott and I on the other and the shared bathroom was in the middle.  I put Elliott's mattress on the floor and he slept under the bed frame since the beds were lofted and rather dangerous. 

I finally had to wake them up, otherwise we were going to miss breakfast.

After breakfast on Friday the 9th we headed up to Snowbowl to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain. 
The last time we were there is was in the 60's in Flagstaff and in the 40's at the bottom of the ski lift.  It got stormier and colder the higher we went, until it was 28 degrees at the top.  That was in 2015.

2017 was beautiful weather.
We put our jackets on before getting on the ski lift and we were warm going up because the sun was shining on us.  We were cool on the way going down. 

There was still a lot of leftover snow. 

A nice man offered to take our picture. 

He did some creative photography.  I didn't think he was going to give me my phone back.  I think he took about 10 pictures. 
I was annoyed by the pole and the people, so I did a very quick and not very good edit.  You can tell, but it's still much better. 

The snow was icy and not at all suitable for snowballs, but the kids still threw a few. 

Another nice person took this. 

We looked at the toilet, but didn't use it. 

Headed back down.

There were a few gusts of wind that made us genuinely chilly. 

We went to the talent show at Boys State on Friday night.  It was awesome with a lot of wonderful performances, but I was whipped that night and took zero pictures.  Just breathing up at that altitude with a head cold was using all my energy and then factor in single parenting, it's shocking I survived at all. 

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