Thursday, June 15, 2017

If you like pina coladas (and Peter delivering food)

The very last day of May, 2017 started with breakfast being delivered to us at the house.  This guy named Peter had approached us on the beach the day before and wanted to know if we wanted to order any food from him.  We put in an order for a carne asado taco lunch that day (Tuesday) and breakfast on Wednesday.  When he delivered our tortillas, breakfast burritos and chili relleno (for Maryellen) he also brought tamales that we hadn't ordered just in case we wanted them.  We bought two dozen (one dozen beef and one dozen green chili) and, OH MY GOD, they were the best tamales I've ever had in my life.  I want to go back just to get those tamales.  Anyway, Peter became a bit of a joke with all of us, just because when he first approached us on the beach he already knew where we were staying (truth be told, we were pretty much the only people in that area for the four days we were there) so the big joke was that he was totally stalking us. 

Dolly and I had a couch snuggle after breakfast.

Joni did a photo shoot with the kids while everybody else got ready. 

And then it was off to the beach! 

We actually did not go to the beach right by the house that day.  We drove through town and went to Sandy Beach, specifially so we could buy stuff from the vendors on the beach.

Things like, pina coladas for the ladies (boozy for me and Maryellen/not boozy for Joni),

and mangoes carved like flowers. 

We spent a lot of time in the water just enjoying the waves and each other. 

We had discussed taking a group picture on the beach when we arrived that day.  Right as John was setting up the camera to do it Carson dropped his ice cream in the sand and Spencer got hit in the face with a football.  They were both crying.  We made both of them stop to get the group shot. 

Elliott really wanted his picture with John and Maryellen.  They make a cute family.
Then they pretended like they were kidnapping him.  Which is not really a funny joke anywhere, but particularly not in Mexico. 
After a long day on the beach it was time to head home for showers and food. 

I made dinner for everyone that night.  I did macaroni and cheese with a bunch of different mix-ins and roasted asparagus on the side.  I boiled the noodles in bottled water and washed the asparagus with bottled water.  Just in case you were curious.  

We left the kids inside and the adults went outside to party on the deck. 

The sunset was lovely that night. 

A picture of Blaine taking a picture of the sunset on the roof top deck. 

Every night bedtime with the kids got a little easier as they got more and more worn out from the sun and vacation in general.  The adults had so much fun just chatting and laughing with each other every night.  And it was perfect because the kid's bedroom was downstairs and the kitchen/living room was upstairs, so we didn't even have to be quiet.  

Up next: our last full day.  

I'm totally keeping to my schedule, BTW, and keep chugging away at the post list.  Go me. 

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