Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Beach vacation and Michael turns 40

Michael's 40th birthday was also our first full day in Rocky Point.  We had a lovely start to the day when Joni took all four kids down to the beach so we could lounge around on the deck drinking coffee and enjoying the breeze and ocean views.  And by "we" I mean me and Maryellen because Michael, Blaine and John drank way too much whiskey the night before and were all terribly hung over. 

They wrote their names in the sand. 

Oriana found a crab leg.  She was so proud of it. 

After breakfast we put on bathing suits and gathered supplies and headed for a day at the beach. 
It was the day after Memorial Day and everybody else had returned to the US, so we had the entire beach to ourselves.   Seriously.  Nobody else was there at all until the afternoon. And even then it was just one other family and they were far away from us. 

We were there at low tide so there was a sand bar and lots of tide pools.  The kids also found out why it's called Rocky Point.  It's ROCKY.

Our base camp on the beach. 

Hung over Michael. 

All four kids got along so well and had a blast with each other. 

John and Maryellen took a romantic stroll on the beach. 

John brought a waterproof camera so we had fun taking pictures in the ocean. 

We bought a little beach set when Spencer was a toddler.  It has the typical sand castle tools and bucket, but it also has a tea pot to fill up and pour out.  It is Elliott's favorite.  I somehow got stuck holding it though,  so it was present during our ocean glamour shots. 

A family picture before going back to the house for lunch. 

We ate lunch and spent some time resting/lounging/playing games before going back to the beach for a few hours in the afternoon. 

Elliott put his hand on Carson's hand and it was adorable. 
After our afternoon at the beach we all showered and got ready and headed into town for dinner. Michael's 40th birthday dinner. 

John photobomber!
We moved tables to try to get out of the sun, but then we were just in a different position of the sun.  Blaine was slightly concerned the guy climbing on the post was going to fall on him and Joni. 

Bacon wrapped shrimp.  Oh my god it was good. 

Once the sun went down it was lovely.  And the sunset was gorgeous. 

This was a lost opportunity for Elliott to also wear a sea themed shirt with the ocean in the background. 

How perfect is this? 

After dinner it was back to the house for Michael's continued birthday celebration. 

40 years old!

Michael has been wanting to buy all of the Marvel movies, so I got started on the collection.  I threw the Avengers DVD in as a joke.  It was $5. 
I debated not doing Doritos this year since we had to drive them to Mexico, but it's a tradition, so I continued it. 

He wanted a new white shirt.  

So I got two.  Even though he doesn't care about the Flash at all. 

An automatic wine opener.  


Work shirt

From John and Maryellen

From Joni and Blaine 


This is my most favorite picture of Spencer in his entire life now. 

After presents it was time for cake. 

We brought candles from home.

I don't know what Michael is doing here, but this might be my new most favorite picture of him ever. 

And just like that, Michael's birthday and the first whole day of vacation was over! 

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Cat said...

Aside from the whole hangover bit, not a bad way to spend a birthday. Also, I love that two of your favorite pictures are in the same blog post. :)