Saturday, August 3, 2013

Just some crazy, unnecessary calculations

Michael and I closed on our first house on Friday, May 26, 2006.  We spent Saturday and Sunday painting.  We spent Monday and Tuesday moving all of our stuff. Tuesday, May 30th was the first day we slept there/officially started living there.  It was also Michael's 29th birthday.
House #1.
We lived there for 9ish months all alone.  Then we adopted Ms. Ginger Jones, the most beautiful beagle in all the land. Six months after that (15ish months after we originally moved in) Spencer joined us.  Then the economy tanked and the housing market crashed and we intentionally foreclosed.  The last day we lived there was August 14, 2009.
We spent a total of 1,172 days living in House #1. 
Side note: I did some very intense counting, number crunching and calculating to come up with all of these numbers.  I consulted old calendars, factored in leap years and checked and then rechecked my work.  I'm OCD like that.
We moved to house #2, a rental house, and started living there on August 15, 2009.
House #2
It was me, Michael, Spencer and Ginger (and technically two fish, Paul and Piggy) until December 2011.  Then Elliott joined us.
We started looking for a house to buy during the summer of 2012.  We found it and made an offer in September.  It was accepted.  We started packing.  The last day we slept in our rental house was November 10, 2012. 
We spent a total of 1,184 days living in House #2.
12 more days than House #1. 
We spent several weeks moving into House #3, but the first day we slept here was November 11, 2012.
House #3
So, the whole point of all of my previous adding and calculating for House #1 and House #2 was to figure out when, exactly, we will have lived in this house longer than our previous two houses.
And this is it.
We will have been in this house for 1 day longer than House #1 on January 27, 2016.
We will have been in this house for 1 day longer than House #2 on February 8, 2016.
February 8, 2016 is a Monday.  We'll be having a party.  You are all invited.


Valerie said...

I'm booking our flights now

Sherry said...

Only you, my dear, only you! Haha! I think you are more OCD than me...just maybe in denial about it. :-) Yep, I'll call a travel agent and start planning our trip! Can you plan an itinerary of all the things we need to see while we are there...we have to squeeze in everything while we are there. ;-)

Cat said...

Hmm, I'm not sure I can fly out for the party. I will celebrate in spirit. I like that I have been to 2/3 of the places you blogged about today. :)