Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just a lil' randomness

I've got a bit of a catch up, tid-bit, random post for you today.
This is really old.  Like back on July 20th old.
Elliott woke up from his nap that day and was in a bad mood.  Nine times out of ten he wakes up happy, but that one time he's mad, boy howdy watch out (yeah, I just said that).
A little fruit rope snack was all he needed to get in a better mood.
The real reason I wanted to show you these pictures is because of this.
How is it possible that he can go from looking like a 9 year old, 
(seriously?  Who is this big kid?)
back to a baby in a matter of seconds? 
Last Friday, for the first time in my entire life, I saw a scorpion inside.  I've seen these suckers at the zoo.  I've seen them inside of glass paperweights.  I've seen them on nature shows on TV.  I have NEVER seen one in any home I have ever lived in.  And I've lived in Arizona pretty much my whole life, minus a few months in New Hampshire and a year and a half in Colorado.
It was crawling across the kitchen floor.  Spencer spotted it first.  I screamed for Michael.  He killed it with his shoe.  We gave serious thought to moving. We considered burning the house down. I can still feel bugs crawling on me 5 days later. 
I made individual baked oatmeal for breakfast the other day.  It has applesauce, banana and a little honey for sweetness and egg and milk for protein.  I feel like it's healthier than bagels or cold cereal.  I am totally grain free, sugar free and dairy free right now so I didn't taste them, but the kids seemed to enjoy it.
Elliott is really loving being the only child when Spencer is at school.  It's much harder on us though, because Spencer obviously isn't around to help keep Elliott occupied.  It was cool enough to play outside on Monday morning.  Elliott's new favorite is giving the neighbor swing a ride at the same time that he is swinging.

We woke up to grey skies, rain and much, much cooler temps on Tuesday.  We took Spencer's 5 year 11 month pictures outside.
He's going to be 6 in a month! 
This was his idea.

He's way into self- pictures these days.
School pictures were today. This is the all important school picture shirt.  Spencer waited until 30 seconds before we left for school to climb through the doggy door to get his forgotten water bottle and got black crud all over the back of it.  I'm just crossing my fingers you can't see any of it (mostly on the sleeve part) in the actual pictures.
Elliott and I were having a good time playing in his room this morning. 

Then I nicely told him to not take his laundry out of the hamper and throw it on the floor.
Overreact much?
Elliott ate his fruit for lunch and then declared he was done.  I took him out of his high chair.  Then he climbed under the table, which is his favorite place to hang out, and finished his lunch sitting on the floor.


Ginger joined him after a while.

We went to Costco for groceries this afternoon.  They have taken down all of the swimsuits and replaced them with Halloween costumes.  Spencer has wanted to be Spiderman since November 1st last year so we HAD to buy this.
He wore it all afternoon.  It will be worth every penny of the $15 we spent on it.
Elliott is going to be Superman for Halloween, but they didn't have any toddler sized costumes today.  He could just be Supercool sunglasses man though since he is finally becoming receptive to wearing sunglasses.  He asked me to put these on him about 15 times today.  He's also becoming better about keeping hats on.  Thank goodness the sun safety brainwashing is starting to work.


k and j said...

I love this post! But read up on the scorpion thing :/ I think if there's one, there's more. Also they love beds so check everyone's beds every night! Yikes!!

CC said...

Great pics!!!!! I seriously would have burned the house down if I found a scorpion! I almost did today when I saw a mega-huge spider!

Sherry said...

Okay, I am going to repeat your comment to me that it is so funny that I now get a sneak peek of posts like this on facebook. Love it!

#1 - I don't know how they do it, but yes, they can go from looking so big (especially after a recent haircut...did he just get one?) to looking like our little babies again so quick at this age. He still has his adorable little baby chubby cheeks. I look back at Evan's pictures, and I think he really started losing that look at about 3 so we have a little more time for Elliott and Brody I think. :-)

#2 - Yep, I would have thought of burning down the house. Maybe make it look like an accident so you don't go to prison for arson and the insurance will pay to rebuild? ;-)

#3 - Nope, I can not go without grain, sugar, and dairy (love my morning cereal and milk). I think I need to probably try the gluten free think, but it just seems too hard. :-)

#4 - Awww, he is pretending to push his big brother on the swing! He misses him! ;-)

#5 - Yay for big 6 year olds! Spencer is such a character like his momma! Ya'll should start a comedy act together!

#6 - I do hope all the crud came off the shirt and that the first pictures turn out good. At least if they don't, you got a good shot!

#7 - Seriously, that pouty face...he and Brody could be twins there! Brody has been having terrible and awful days at least every other day the past few weeks. Definitely terrible twos with him! *Sigh* He hates being told he can't do something. Today, it was the full blown throw himself on the ground while we were playing putt putt. So unlike his brother at this age who would play a whole game with us and loved it. Brody wouldn't even attempt to hit his ball with the club and would throw a tantrum if we tried to help him. *Double Sigh*

#8 - Silly boy! Maybe he's like Brody and thinks he's a dog? Haha!

#9 - Yep, Halloween is just around the corner, and Evan can't wait. I try to tell him he is wishing his life away and to just enjoy the moment. Haha!

#10 - Elliott, you are a super cool baby in those sunglasses!

Cat said...

Apologies as this has nothing to do with today's post, but I love all your countdowns. :)