Friday, July 23, 2010

Per reader requests

Maryellen said...
I would like to see Ginger in a bikini.

Is a tankini OK?

Ginger was pretty pissed about being shoved into the tankini. She thought it made her butt look big. She made a fast getaway and then the bottoms fell off. Then her butt really did look big. Team Eliza said...
I wouldn't mind a little recap of Ginger's life while you guys were off galavanting around the East Coast. Did she have any new adventures . . . meet new friends . . . . eat food left on the sidewalk?

Ginger went to live with my parents in Tucson while we were galavanting. She had it easy. They walked her twice a day every day and basically catered to her every whim.

She slept on her bed in the living room. She slept under the kitchen table. She slept in between my parents in their bed. My mom gets all defensive and angry when I take unflattering pictures of her in bed (I don't get her at all), so I covered my mom with a pink bear wearing a crown holding a heart. I love
Ginger took a few field trips too. She went to my grandma's for dinner and to my brother Nick's house. She peed on his floor. He also took her to a friend's house and she played with/was attcked by 2 little daschunds named Whiskey and Scotch. Nick texted me a picture of her running in fear from Scotch, but we can't find the cables to attach our phones to the computer and, wouldn't you know it, it is not actually possible to take a picture of a picture on a cell phone.

Any more requests?


Maryellen said...

Oh my goodness this post made me laugh. I absolutely love that you put Ginger in a tankini. That totally worked. I also love the picture of your mom and Ginger in bed.

Maryellen said...

I just looked back over the pictures and laughed some more.

Team Eliza said...

OMG!!! I am still laughing about Ginger in the tankini! Seriously this post made me laugh out loud!