Friday, July 16, 2010

New Hampshire- Day 1: Guns and Babies

We're going to leave the great green state of Vermont today. We're headed to the great green state of New Hampshire.

We started the day in a camper at Jenn's parents' house. Most people (I'll go with 99.9%) of people in VT do not have air conditioning. Jenn's parents' don't have it in their house, but they do in their camper. It was sweet. We actually used blankets.
I've never slept in a camper before. Is it considered outdoorsy of me? The camper was sitting in an area next to some woods. It was 30 feet from their house, but still- woods. I'm just saying.
Spencer and Alyssa played on the bed.
Jenn's parents' live close to a cider mill. We stopped on the way out of town and bought some cider donuts. 6 donuts sounded like a lot when we purchased them. 20 minutes later we had no donuts left and we considered, for more than a minute, turning around and going back for more. They were GOOOOOOD. I'm thinking about them right now. Yum.

We arrived at my cousin Alex and his wife Tionna's house in Manchester around 1pm. It was our first opportunity in days to just kind of lounge around for a bit. Spencer was happy because we let him watch Mickey Mouse.

I went to school in Durham, NH for one semester in 1999. I did it through the National Student Exchange Program. I'm still good friends with 3 people I met while there- Jess, Cathy and Megan. Cathy you know from my blog posts of 2 weeks ago when she came to visit us. Jess came to visit in 2007 when I was pregnant.
This is my chance to harass Megan for her lack of visiting in the last 11 years. Megan? Defense? Anyway, the plan was for Jess, Megan and Cathy to meet us in Manchester for dinner. Megan, very unfortunately for us but lucky for her, had to go to Russia for work a couple of days before we got there. So, Jess and her husband Vinny and Cathy came to meet us for dinner.

Jess gave Spencer this hat,
and a book written by a Maine author (Jess grew up in Maine). Thanks Jess!
Then we went out to dinner. It was one of those really fun dinners with old friends where so many funny things happened you can't even remember all of them.

We all went back to Alex and Tionna's house after dinner and took pictures in the front yard.
Spencer ruined no less than 6 takes of this pose with his various face covering activities.
So we kicked him out.
It was the 6th, so we took pictures for Spencer's 2 year-10 month milestone.

We realized it was kind of lame to stand around in the front yard so we went and sat in the backyard to chat a little bit. Vinny and Michael could pass for brothers.
The boys were sitting on a little ledge and the girls were sitting at the patio table. We were having separate conversations for a while and as is the case with women a lot of the time the girly conversation turned to the topic of babies. This went on for a while. Then we tuned into what the boys were talking about. Guns. Typical. Women folk= nurturing future generations. Men folk= warfare and blood.

Cathy is the one who requested my blog title for the day include the words Guns and Babies. I am more than happy to oblige.

P.S. I'm getting sick and tired of blogging about this trip. I'll be really glad when it's all over. Next summer I think we'll take a shorter trip just so I don't have to blog so much.

Well, maybe not.


Fox said...

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me, there was that time we met in the airport in Phoenix! And when I come out, I will rock AZ harder more than any previous visitors. And do I get any credit for being your most loyal blog fan? -Megan

Cat said...

LOVE IT! Also, I did not know "Blueberries for Sal" was written by someone from Maine. I read that book to my students every year. Now I have a new tidbit of info to share with them (thanks Jess and Natalie). And Megan, clear the calendar for the end of Feb. 2012, we are going to rock the Arizona scene with Jess.

jess said...

i just want to add that i was with megan when she met you at the airport, and i didn't even go to school with you guys. so, obviously i'm awesome.
- megan's cousin.

Elizabeth said...

agreed...the title sucked me right in!