Thursday, July 1, 2010


Is it weird that I find it incredibly motivating to put a sticker on the calendar when I exercise? June was a pretty good month.

I feel I need to explain some of the gaps. I missed the 11th and 12th because we were in Flagstaff. I worked out up there on the 10th and the altitude (7,000 ft) made me feel like dying. The 20th was Father's Day and I was too busy eating 3,600 calories of fried Lucky Wishbone food to be bothered with exercise. The 23rd was the 1st day of my life that I felt sick because of the excessive heat (113 degrees). I went to bed for 2.5 hours instead of doing a 50 minute work out DVD. Good choice I think.


chelsea said...

The sticker idea is a great one! I might have to try it! Um, I'll need to buy a calendar, but then, it is on!
And you did great this month! I don't think it's healthy to work out every single day. You need at least one day off a week... two or three is ok too. You rock!

lady of leisure said...

Yeah, I agree, you don't need to work out every single day. I think you did awesome! And I too would be motivated by stickers. A calendar full of stickers is just so pretty.

Maryellen said...

Great job Natalie! You did awesome. I agree with your amigas, I don't workout every day either. Sunday is my rest day.