Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Catch Up

Blogging about our 10 day trip took 10 days, so I'm way behind on day to day happenings. Today is all about catching-up.


A couple of weekends ago we went down to Tucson for a get-together with Laura, Chelsea, Karen and their families. It was supposed to be a pool party. Lady Monsoon had other ideas.

I was responsible for desserts. I made chocolate coconut cake pops.

And s'more whoopie pies. They got a little melty on the way over.I even made smaller ones for the kids, but I don't think a single small child ate a single one. Their loss.A good margarita will lower the disappointment of a severe lack of swimming any day.The night after the party I was in the kitchen talking to my mom when I noticed that Spencer was missing. I found him. With my dad. Eating cake. And watching James Bond. If Spencer grows up to be a diabetic British spy I'm blaming my father. #2

Ginger either has an intense feud going with Minnie, or they love each other. I'm not quite sure yet. Her eyes are kind of hard to read.#3

We've been drinking a lot of fruit smoothies.


Ginger is desperate for a little quality time with her father. She'll get it any way she can.


Maryellen said...

I loved the update. My favorite would have to be Spencer, your dad, cake and James Bond. Awesome.

Laura said...

1. You left out the fact that my hubby ate 90% of the cake pops. He's still talking about them to this day.

2. That is the biggest bed I have EVER seen.

3. Sara was totally freaking out just now - I think nightmares are starting!!!

Cat said...

Those whoopies look delightful. Can we please make some in feb 2012?

Cat said...

Perhaps I shouldn't type on an itouch on a bus as that was supposed to say whoopie pies. Whoopies sounds perverted.