Friday, September 11, 2009

Flashback Friday

Spencer started walking with assistance around 11 months. He would hold our hands, brace himself on the furniture, push his toys or push something else, like......a step stool.

After he turned one we decided he really needed to be an independent walker. We decided to put him through our own, newly developed walking program. It had exactly 0 hours of research put into it and was not endorsed by Parent Magazine, Parenting Magazine, the American Pediatrics Association, Walkers United or anyone else. We sat on the floor about 5 feet apart and would help him stand. Then we'd give him a little push and send him to the opposite parent. We enticed him with a toy or a blanket on our head (he thought that was just so funny). The first night he took 3 steps and then fell. The second night was like 7 steps. The third night was 15 steps. After that he was a certified, card carrying member of Walkers of the World. I think these were taken the second or third night. He was obviously pleased with himself. No, he didn't fall. This is what used to happen any time we said no. Even when we said no very nicely and offered an alternative right away. It sometimes took up to 1/2 an hour to recover from being told no. Let me know if you need suggestions on how to get your kid to walk. My method has worked for exactly 1 child. I'm obviously marketable.

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The Yager Family said...

Way better than our method!
At 10 months our neighbor held a beer can in front of Lilly... first steps went down in history.
Cute post!