Thursday, July 11, 2013


That's how many days my parents had been married when I took these pictures on their 40th Anniversary on Sunday.
This is my math: 40 years x 365 days + 10 leap days.
My parents had a small party for themselves on their actual anniversary.  This was right before it started.

My parents "hired" Ian to tend to the bar.  He also bartended at our wedding reception.  Ian seems to help with all of my family's alcohol needs. 
Elliott is 362 days older than Max, but they kind of look like twins.
Very angry twins.
My mom didn't want to mess around with all of the food, so she had the party catered.  It was yum-yum-yummy.
My mom asked if I would take pictures so before I ate I went around the house and got at least 1 picture of everyone.
Steve (my dad's friend since he was 11 and one of his groomsmen) and Kathy.
Lois and Jerry 
My dad and mom
Michael and my Uncle Terry
Ed and my Aunt Karen (who is married to Terry)
Ian (tending bar) and Elisa.
Steve and Kathy's grandson Justin
Richard and Audrey.  Richard is a photographer (he took our wedding pictures) and I just booked him for Thanksgiving weekend to do family pictures.  Eeek.
Rosemary and Sheila
Pete and Julie 
My mom's sisters Kathy and Janis
Ginger and my Uncle Gary 
Buddy, Eleanor and Max (Buddy and Eleanor are Elisa's parents, Elisa is Ian's wife and Max's mommy.  Is it all starting to click in your mind now?)
Spencer, my father-in law Raymond, Elliott and my mother-in-law Jeanne.
After dinner my mom wanted everyone to tell a story of how they knew my parents, or when they met or something about their wedding.  My mom always makes people work for their dinner.

Pete painted this garbage can and gave it to my parents for their wedding.  He painted and gave one to us for our wedding too. 

Ginger was not really amused by the stories.
My dad gave my mom ruby and diamond earrings and a necklace despite their no gift agreement.
The caterer and my mom.  He did all of the dishes too.  It was awesome.

Remember when I said in the jello post that Michael ate all of New England except Rhode Island?  Well, that's because Ed was there the night we ate it and he jokingly asked for us to save Rhode Island for him.  I said I would.  He was joking.  I wasn't.
This is Ed eating Rhode Island.
Elliott was getting tired so he needed some Gramme time.
And some Grandma time.
My brothers called during the party and facetimed on the iPad.
Eleanor, my mom and Audrey. 
Richard, Buddy and my dad.  Notice how the ladies are all cozy and the men maintain a constant three foot perimeter?
My mom and dad making a toast using the glasses that one of their bridesmaids made for them that they used for the toast at their wedding.

Then Spencer started dictating who should be in pictures with each other.

Ed was the last person to leave.  He's a hard partier.  It was about 10:30 pm.
Spencer got ahold of the camera and provided the last two pictures of the night.
This is a common look for his self-portraits.

The original plan was that the whole family was going to celebrate the 40th anniversary by taking a big trip together over Christmas.  That has now been postponed for a wide variety of reasons.  We're going to do it next summer.  So we'll celebrate 40 years for their 41st anniversary.  Makes total sense.


Jeannette said...

Congratulations to your parents! Such an amazing milestone!

Also, it's amazing how much you look like both of them.

Also, you look great! (I thought about saying "amazing" again, but that seemed weird)

Also, I sure hope this family vacation does not fall over the weekend of July 26th. You were excused last year and this year, next year I might not be so forgiving (I kid, I kid).

Also, Longest. Comment. Ever.

Cat said...

So much to say. I finally know some of the people in your pictures thanks to my visit. yay! I met your parents at their house when I first visited you. They were great hosts. Oh, wait, I'm not at the party, I guess I didn't need to include that. I (selfishly) hope the trip is not Aug. 1st of next summer. :( But I hope you have a fabulous trip!

Cat said...

Oh, and Happy (belated) Anniversary and congrats to your parents!