Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This is our.......dinosaur bedroom

When I was pregnant my plan for Elliott's room was a farm theme.  Then Megan gave me/long term lent me an ocean themed set and that made more sense than buying a bunch of new stuff for a room that he probably wouldn't spend much time in.   It worked out just fine for Elliott's first year.
I knew that I wanted to change things for his permanant room in the new house.  I never thought about doing dinosaurs for a theme, but something about it seemed appealing.  Santa brought him some stuff, we bought some other stuff and then we used some of his Christmas money from grandparents to buy all of the bedding.
We had our friend Blaine paint both of the kids rooms in January.  It has taken this long to get everything else done.  But here at last is Elliott's dinosaur room.
The door from the hallway.  I want to get a dinosaur themed "Elliott's Room" sign to put on there.  For now we just have a teeny tiny t-rex.  The bear is actually a Christmas ornament.  It has a letter E on the chest.  It's not really Christmasy at all so we left it. 
The room looking straight ahead as you walk in.
Looking towards the left. 
Looking straight on at the beds.
 Elliott's crib is in our room and he sleeps in our room every night. We had these 2 twin beds (the frames were my mom's and aunt's when they were kids) anyway, and we can't fit 2 beds and a crib in here at the same time.   He'll also most likely be in a bed before we move him to his own room.    We have Spencer's old guard rail under one of the beds waiting for the day it is needed again.
The bed on the right. 
A close-up of the dinosaur poster.
These are definitely not dinosaurs, but they are the stuffed animals that Elliott got when he was in the PICU, so they are special to me.
The bed on the left. 
This is what it normally looks like.  We use it as Elliott's diaper changing station. 
A close-up of the shelf above the bed. 
The dinosaurs on the left were Christmas gifts and were pretty pricey.  The dinosaurs on the right, which are smaller but similar in quality, I got for 90% off at Hobby Lobby.  They were about $1.50 each.  It was a proud shopper day.
The frame and mat we had everyone sign at Elliott's 1st birthday party. 
The plaques were gifts from his baptism (the fake one in church, not the real one in the hospital). 
The dresser.  Spencer very kindly let us borrow his dinosaurs for decoration. 
Standing by the beds looking at the closet doors. 
I'm pretty proud of these too.  I already had the frames and wanted some cheap prints to put in them.  I found a dinosaur book in the library at work and made color copies on the color copier at work.  Total cost: $0.00
The inside of the closet on the right.  Poor kid has nothing to wear.
The inside of the closet on the left.
The far left end of the closet.  The right end does not have these shelves.  I find them to be really useful for storing big piles of "stuff".
We spend a lot of time playing in Elliott's room.  One of his favorite activities of late is crawling into the tent and then sticking his head out to say BOO! 
He has also become quite the book worm.  This is his favorite book.  We read it about 87 times a day.
Oh, and one last thing.  I bought this on Monday.  It's a 2T.  Guess I just decided the theme of Elliott's 2nd birthday party.
For those that are interested in the details:
All of the bedding is from Target.  I bought it in January, so it is currently available.
The canopies are from IKEA in the kid section. I was there on Sunday and they still have them- $9.99 each!  The wall shelf is also from IKEA.  It's the LACK, I think.
The paint is Benjamin Moore- Rocky Brown and Athenian Blue.
The curtains are from Target.  I bought them the summer of 2010 for Spencer's room.  I don't know if they still have them.
The dinosaur stickers are Roommates Dinosaur Peel and Stick Appliques.  I got them from Amazon.
The Dinosaur Evolution poster is from Poster Revolution.  I also got it from Amazon.


mintmegan said...

Room looks awesome! However, I am shocked & appalled that you don't have any "poor t-rex" paraphernalia hanging up!

k and j said...

Love the room! Those canopy things above the beds are amazing!!

Sherry said...

You know I love it! The whole time I was reading, I was like "she isn't going to tell us where the cool canopies came from? She must not want us stealing the idea." Haha! I would have never thought of IKEA and definitely thought they cost a lot more. They are super cool. The funny thing about Evan is when we chose to do his space room, he loved dinosaurs and also wanted a dinosaur room. I pushed for space because I hoped it would expand his interest a little more into that area. He loved it, but I still think his dinosaur interest surpass space. Ha! Since I have to buy new bedding for bunk beds, we'll see if I finally cave in a little on the dinosaurs (although I am not repainting his room...that was a pain). Good job on the room!

Cat said...

Nice work on the room! Looks good.