Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some, um, revisions

My wonderful friend Megan called me in the hospital after I posted my last two blog entries and said, "what the hell, no mention of me whatsoever?"  Turns out being on toxic drugs and under a great deal of physical and emotional stress for 48 hours will cause a bit of memory loss.  I need to clarify some events now that I am a bit more level-headed.

I had actually been trying to figure out how my mom got up here from Tucson so fast the day I came to the hospital. I remembered Michael calling her and I remembered Spencer not being at the hospital all afternoon, so I (wrongly) assumed my mom got here right away and picked him up.  Turns out that is not true.  Megan is the one that dropped everything and scurried over here.  She took Spencer to her house to play and out to dinner and brought him back to our house and waited until my mom arrived at bed time.  I had completely forgotten these events when I wrote my last post.

Megan also pointed out (in the nicest way possible) that when I was finally given permission to eat she was the one that not only got my food for me, but called Paradise Bakery and asked them to stay open so she could get my preferred sandwich and then also went to McDonald's to get me a milkshake.

Megan did not tell me that I needed to clarify these things on the blog.  She was just joking with me that I could neglect mentioning such extreme helpfulness.

Yesterday Megan came over and picked up Spencer and took him to her house for the day.  They played, baked cookies and made me cards/arts and crafts projects.  She wrote a blog post about it.

Since I can no longer write blogs about fun days with cute pictures, you should read about it here.

I am lucky to have a friend as good as Megan that will care for my son and love him like her own.  It's just one of the reasons that, whenever Elliott does finally decide to make his appearance, Megan will be his godmother.  If she'll accept the offer.

I know she will do a beautiful job of helping to shape Elliott into the type of person we want him to be- caring, generous, selfless and brave.  

Just like Megan.


Megan said...'re so sweet. I'm so lucky to be part of your wonderful family and love love love that our kids get to spend so much time together. You boys will be the brothers that Hadley will never I'm honored by the opprotunity to be Elliott's God Mother.

Megan said...

Also...another correction...your mom drove him up yesterday. Don't want to take credit for something I didn't do!

Megan said...

Awww, your welcome, any time! Haha, just kidding. I was actually thinking how mint it would be if I were rich & could afford to hop a plane and surprise visit you in the hospital.

Megan said...

Other Megan...I'm always so confussed when you post comments...I think "hey I didn't write that". If you ever suprise Natalie with a visit I want to meet you!