Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Soup and surprise

And our Saturday continues.

After Walking With Dinosaurs ended we took the light rail back to the car, went and picked up Elliott and then came home and cleaned the house as fast as we could.  Then I left and went to meet my friends at Joni' house for a soup sampler and craft evening.

We made clove stuffed oranges and sugar cone cornucopias.

My sugar cookie cornucopia

We filled them with m&m's.  I'm going to share mine at Thanksgiving dinner.

We all brought a different soup to share.  Brenda brought pumpkin soup, Joni made potato asparagus soup, Maryellen had green chili corn chowder, Lauren made corn chowder and Shireen made vegetable soup. I brought Chilled Strawberry soup as a dessert soup.
I had tiny samples of all the soups and then I left early, picked up a pizza for the kids and rushed back home.  And then, for the first time ever, we hired a teenage baby-sitter and left our kids with her (that's why we were cleaning earlier!) so we could go to a surprise birthday party for our neighbor.

The party was in a private room at an Italian restaurant.  I took a picture of the ceiling because this is similar to what I want to do in our dining room.  We have the same kind of tray ceiling.
This is the birthday girl in the middle.  She was turning 60.  We have been so lucky to have moved into a house with such great neighbors. 

It was a very, very busy day and both Michael and I crashed into bed very soon after we got home.  It's just a tiny preview of the upcoming month with back to back events pretty much every weekend.  I can't wait!

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Sherry said...

Awe, I love great neighbors! Definitely a major plus to any future house we move to. She does not look 60 at all! Oh and I must beg the strawberry soup recipe. It sounds divine. I will trade you the turkey in champagne and non-corn syrup pecan pie recipes that I have been meaning to look up to send you soon. Eddie found the turkey recipe so I may need his help there. The pecan pie recipe was a pinterest find, and there are lots of them that all are pretty similar. The one I used called for a deep dish pie crust, but some reviews said it didn't fill up the deep dish so I used a regular. It filled it all the way to the top with none leftover, but I think it was too full because it cracked on top and got a little dry. It tasted good though. :-)