Sunday, August 18, 2013

This and That

Elliott and I were playing in his room on Friday. 
I was proud of my creative photography.
He was proud of his dance moves.
He also found these goggles last week and is obsessed with them.  He wants to wear them all the time.
You may be surprised that we still own these goggles and that we didn't immediately trash them after the face cutting incident of August 2011.
Remember that one?
8:00 pm- all fun and games.
11:00 pm- after several hours at the emergency room.
I don't know why we still have them.  We're just asking for trouble.
Elliott sleeps with his leg up on the side rail every night.

It reminds me of Spencer when he was 2.

The bathroom cabinets are done.  We just need to re-attach the cabinet doors and add handles and knobs.
They came out really nice.  I'm now going to stain the hallway linen closet doors and then our bathroom cabinets. 
We got the new bathroom tile today.  Demolition of the old tile and installation of the new tile is scheduled for Saturday.  Eeek.

Spirit week starts tomorrow.  It's Nerd Day.  We did a dress rehearsal after dinner.

Tuesday is Career Day, Wednesday is Sports Day, Thursday is Superhero Day and Friday is School/Class Spirit Day.
I'll be sure to show you pictures from each day.  Spencer wants to be an astronaut on Tuesday, but I don't see us pulling that one off.


Jeannette said...

1. Very fancy - both your photography and his dance skills
2. I'm glad to see the goggles have been rehabilitated and are being given a 2nd chance at life free from assault and battery.
3. Love the leg flop!
4 & 5. The bathroom is looking great! Can't wait to see the finished project (hopefully in person)!
6. Ahh! That kid is too much! You can totally pull off astronaut. Didn't you make a jet pack like a billion years ago? If you still have those goggles, I'm sure you still have that.

Sherry said...

I just love when you number goes right along with my OCD and makes commenting so much "easier." Haha!

#1 - I want to see those dance moves, E! I bet you and Brody could really "git jiggy wit it" together. Haha! (And yes, I did just reference Will Smith's old music in a comment on your post. Ha!)

#2 - Oh yes, I think you are definitely asking for trouble keeping those goggles with your kids' history of injuries. Haha!

#3 - Wow, they even sleep the same! Are you sure you didn't just clone Spencer? ;-)

#4 - The bathroom cabinets look awesome...I love the dark stain! And the floor tile is going to look gorgeous, but I don't envy you the tile removal project.

#5 - Yay for nerds! They will take over the world! :-) Oh and I got the Pottery Barn Halloween catalog, and they have a lovely astronaut costume for the "bargain" price of like $60. You know you have to get it! Haha!