Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The first three days of July

I really need to take a blog post naming class.  My titles leave a little something to be desired.  Until I can find a class to register for though, we'll just stick with The first three days of July.  It's pretty accurate.
On July 1st we had Splash Pad Monday #3.

We met a family there that was vacationing in Phoenix.  In July.  They live in Northern California and were absolutely shocked by how hot is was. The grandma was telling me that they were having a really hard time finding things to do beause it was so hot.
Really?  Seriously?  Who doesn't know that Phoenix is hot in July?  You don't see me booking a trip to Anchorage in January and anybody with common sense doesn't come to Phoenix in July expecting to have a lovely picnic in the park.  They also didn't even have their kids in swim suits.  The girl (who was named Natalie) was running around in a long dress.
That's Natalie's arm right there.  She had some issues with personal space and boundaries.

I am off from work this week and Michael worked on Tuesday, so I took the kids to Bass Pro Shop.  Spencer had fun on the carousel.  I held Elliott on it (he wanted nothing to do with sitting on an animal) and he cried for about 1/2 the ride.  

We spent a lot of time looking at the fish.  Elliott is obsessed with fish.  Too bad we no longer have an actual fish in our home. 

He also met a similarly fish obsessed girl.  They could have a decent relationship based on mutual admiration of aquatic creatures.
We played on the boats before we came home. 

Today's "Something Awesome" was eating frozen yogurt for lunch.  First we did allergy shots, then went to JC Penney and Joanne's, so we built up a big appetite before our tasty lunch.

Yesterday was my last day of doing a Whole 30 (google it).  I hadn't had any grains, dairy, sugar (real or artificial), legumes, soy, alcohol or potatoes in 30 days.  I ate frozen yogurt with berries for lunch.  I kind of expected it to make me sick, but it didn't.  I'm going to take about 10 days off and then start another Whole 30.
Elliott took a much needed nap when we got home.  Then he had an afternoon snack on the floor in the kitchen. 

Spencer and I were both wearing Old Navy flag shirts from 2011 because I didn't buy new ones this year and I couldn't find the ones from 2012.  But I couldn't find a flag shirt for Elliott.  It wasn't anywhere in his closet.  So I pulled out the big container of Spencer's old clothes and found it in there.  I guess I had taken out the 24 month clothes, but not the 2T clothes yet.  So Elliott wore a flag shirt from 2009. 
Spencer (left) in Old Town San Diego on July 4, 2009 eating his very first piece of candy.  Elliott (right) sitting on the kitchen floor on July 3, 2013 eating a sweet potato cracker.  
 We decided to have breakfast for dinner tonight.  I made eggs, bacon and strawberry blueberry banana muffins. 
Elliott was acting like a 2 year old and kept laying down on the floor when he didn't get his way.  He wasn't mad, he wasn't screaming or crying...just giving up all hope for a happy life when I wouldn't let him snack while I was making dinner.
After dinner we were all in Elliott's room trying to put away his clean laundry and pick up a little.  Spencer left the room and a few minutes later I heard a big commotion from the kitchen.
This is what I found.
He was pretending to ride her and was yelling, "Yee-haw, get along little doggy".  Ginger was not thrilled with the unethical treatment of animals.
I wanted to wash this sheet so we can use it as a backdrop for 4th of July pictures.  Ginger will sleep on any and all fabric she finds on the floor.  I've seen her try to nest in a pair of socks waiting to go in the washing machine.
Stay tuned for 1.7 million patriotic pictures from the long weekend.

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Cat said...

A post with no comment??? I must change that. Don't be dissing people who come to AZ in July. I think a friend of yours did that once, though maybe it was the end of June, but she knew about the heat and dressed accordingly. :) will google Whole 30, but I don't think I can do no dairy. I like my milk too much. And in summer you "have" to have ice-cream once in a while. :)