Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Wrap-Up Part II

The last summer wrap-up ended on Friday, July 12th on our way to Tucson.  We'll pick up from there.
On Saturday we went to a pool party at Laura's house.  These are the fabulous pictures I took:
Yeah.  I didn't take any pictures.  We were having too much fun swimming.
Later that night I got really, really, really sick.  I think I picked up some sort of awful stomach virus.  I was quite ill.  I ended up staying awake most of the night being sick, then slept all morning on Sunday.  I was awake long enough to ride in the car and then I went back to bed as soon as we were home
Monday, July 15
I felt much better, but still not 100%.  Which made this a bad idea:
I took the kids out for donuts for breakfast and since it was the last day of my "break" from a very restrictive eating plan, I got an apple fritter.  I wanted a vanilla cream filled donut, but they were all out.  Boo. Hiss.
Elliott had a bagel.
Spencer got a strawberry glazed with sprinkles and strawberry milk.  It was much too sweet for him and he didn't finish either.

Then it was on to the very last Splash Pad Monday.

After that Maryellen came over to watch Elliott and Spencer and I went to his school for kindergarten placement testing.
Then we all went out to lunch at the Olive Garden. 
After such a busy morning Spencer watched cartoons, 
and Elliott took a long nap.
On Tuesday I worked and Elliott turned 19 months old.  There is no need to revisit all of those pictures unless you really want to, and then I suggest that you re-read his 19 month post.
On Wednesday I took the kids to the Arizona Museum for Youth in Mesa.  It was our very last Something Awesome Wednesday.

Michael came down with the same sickness I had on Wednesday night.  We think it's weird that it took so long, but he had the exact same symptoms and it took him the same amount of time to recover.  He stayed home from work on Thursday and slept the entire day while our sitter was here with the kids.  When I got home from work I took Spencer to "Meet the Teacher".  But I took no pictures, which was a huge blogging fail.
Spencer has been asking to go to Michael's work all summer, so on Friday we drove all the way to Phoenix and went to lunch.  Elliott thought we were going to a doctor's appointment when we went into Michael's office.  He didn't handle it well. 
Michael and Spencer went to a really fun pool yesterday during the day.  Then we got a huge monsoon in the evening.  It was great.
Spencer took this picture.  You can see the storm blowing in from the East.

It rained off and on all evening and night.  Then it rained again Sunday morning.  And again on Sunday afternoon.  If we could have about 760 more days like today we might be able to get out of our 2 decades long "drought".

Sunday was the very last day of summer vacation.  I cannot believe that Spencer starts kindergarten tomorrow.  I am completely unprepared.
We went to a 9:00 showing of Turbo this morning.  I don't think it did anything to prepare him for school, but it was a fun way to end the summer.
And that's it.  That is the end of our summer.  It's now the school year.  On July 22nd.

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Jeannette said...

Pretty sure the weight lost from being sick buys you an extra cheat day to get the proper donut.. Just sayin'..
What a fun summer you guys had!