Monday, July 29, 2013

Not quite yet

We have been pretty pleased with Spencer's kindergarten teacher.  She is organized, caring and cheerful.  I don't think that a ton of real teaching and learning has happened yet, but I have a feeling she knows what she's doing in that department too.
I was driving home from work on Thursday when a thought popped in my head: we should get her a little gift to say thanks for giving Spencer a great first week of Kindergarten. 
I just wasn't sure what to do.  I have lots of ideas for holidays, teacher appreciation week and the end of the school year.  But the first week of school gift was stumping me.  And then I came up with this idea all on my own.  No pinterest, no googling, no facebook.  This is a Natalie original.
Fall and Halloween stuff is already on sale at Hobby Lobby.   We bought this tiny pumpkin for $1.19.
And this cup for 25 cents.  I added a homemade tag that had a little message of gratitude and told her that there were *only* 44 days left until FALL break. 
Every year I write a post about my craving for fall.  It usually happens in late July or early August.  I could probably do the responsible blogger thing and go through my archives and give you links for all my previous posts, but, come on, that is just crazy. 
You would have thought that the trip to the Fall aisle at Hobby Lobby would have triggered my desire last week.  But it didn't.  Which is weird, actually.
It happened today when I was at Kohl's and randomly bought this sweatshirt.  It's a bad picture and hard to tell, but it is actually a dark choarcoal grey with sparkly silver stripes.
This purchase was a stupid, stupid, stupid idea because it will be months before I can wear this thing to anything but a visit to a walk in freezer.
But, I did buy it and it quickly brought forth all of my fall cravings.  So I went to my Fall pinterest board to plan and scheme for the future.  We moved into our house in mid-November last year so we haven't decorated for Fall here yet.  I can not wait to tackle that mantle!
I can always get a pumpkin spice latte on my birthday on September 5th, but that is nowhere near the beginning of Fall here.  Boo.
The cold air takes until late November/early December, but, yes please. 
And now we can all just enjoy this Fall splendor. 



Jeannette said...

Love, Love, LOVE Fall! I. Can't. Wait. I'm definitely pining for Fall decor, smells, and flavors. I'm still so bummed we aren't going to be able to take our October New England trip. :(

Sherry said...

I know that your pining for Fall is partly because it is so hot there. I love the Fall, but I can't say I am ready for it yet. Maybe after our beach trip though. I still think we should celebrate our birthday together this year though. :-)

Cat said...

Well, you can tell I don't live in AZ. Fall is nice and all, but I like my summer. :)