Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

This is the pumpkin that Michael carved during the carving party. It did well in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.

This is a pumpkin that was cut open and gutted during the party but was never carved. It has also been chilling out (ha!) in the refrigerator for 2 weeks. (Luckily we have 2 refrigerators.) We needed something quick to carve, so we did all of our handprints. What you are looking at is Ginger's paw print on the right (not accurately sized) and Spencer's hand on the left (somewhat accurately sized).This is Spencer's attempt to pose with the pumpkins.As soon as the sun set we hit the streets.This is Spencer's 1st house.

He couldn't reach any of the doorbells so Michael would pick him up, let him ring it, put him down and then run away leaving Spencer standing there alone.
The 1st house/lady was a perfect introduction- she opened the door right away, fawned over him and then gave him more than 1 piece of candy.
He was hooked. And a pro from this point on.
We got people at most of the houses but there were a few trusting souls who just left a big bowl of candy by the door. Ginger was most interested.
After trick or treating we headed back to our house and tried to take glowing pictures of our pumpkins. Some were more successful than others.

The pumpkin is not on fire. I set the camera for "candle" mode which apparently enhances the flame.
We also tried to take a successful "in costume" picture.

Then we hung out in the driveway and gave out candy. I think Spencer enjoyed this just as much as getting his own candy.
Here's what we got from our neighborhood.
Added to the candy from the school party, My Gym and Amy's party.
Equals 2 pieces a day for Spencer and unlimited quantities for mommy and daddy.
He even got 2 full size candy bars. I think Michael and I were unnecessarily excited about these. It's not like we can't just go to any store and fork over a buck for a candy bar. There's just something about getting it for free (minus the cost of the costume and the candy we gave away, but we'll ignore that tiny detail.)
It's November! Our neighbors hung their Christmas lights today. They're insane. I decorated for Thanksgiving. It's a real holiday. Respect it.


chelsea said...

Looks like a very fun day. I got REALLY excited at the one house were the kids got a full sized candy bar too. I think it's just ingrained in our heads that those people are SO cool!
Went to the mall yesterday. Santa's cottage is officially being constructed. Poor Thanksgiving...always overlooked...

Maryellen said...

Maybe John and I should leave candy bowls out for people. We turn off the lights and hide in our bedroom on Halloween. Spencer looked adorable once again. :)

Team Eliza said...

I am right there with you . . . full size candy bars ROCK! Eliza ended up with a full size Hersey bar this year . . . . I am waaaaay to cheap to ever be that cool!

I think it is so cute that Spencer stood at the door all by himself. Eliza loved trick- or treating but she was not that brave.

Your pumpkins looked great . . . loved the one with the hand prints - will probably steal that idea next year.