Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Paris Wheel

The state fair offers free admission between noon and 6 on Wednesdays. Michael happens to work 4 blocks from the fair grounds. Spencer doesn't go to school and I don't work on Thursdays. We decided to take advantage of all these factors and headed out to the fair.

We mentioned the fair to Spencer about 5 days before we went. He was very excited and immediately mentioned that he wanted to go on the Paris Wheel. Obviously he is stopping his fricatives and turning the /f/ phoneme into the/p/phoneme (obviously!). Funny thing is that we had never mentioned the Ferris Wheel to him. We don't know where he learned that word or what it is. Interesting.

The 1st stop at the Fair- The Paris Wheel

Don't tell Spencer that it was actually called La Grande Wheel. Pretty fancy, huh?

My son is not afraid of heights.View from the top

With that out of the way, it was time for dinner.

Our yearly dose of corn dog.

Hot dog for Spencer.
Then on to the petting zoo.

I've decided that one of these as a pet is definitely on the life agenda.
Spencer was in to hugging the animals this year. It just screams E. Coli contamination.

These guys made me laugh. I too enjoy spending most of my time in front of a fan.

This is the largest cow I have ever seen. She was about the size of a Hummer H3.
We were at the petting zoo around 7 pm, so this baby cow we saw was about 6 hours old.
Yes, that is the umbilical cord hanging down from his belly.
He was a cute little thing.
And yes, that is afterbirth on the mama's butt. The miracle of birth is quite yucky.
With animals out of the way, it was time for rides.
Spencer did this one alone. He first non-parent ride ever.

I was lectured by a 4 year old that this was not the "elephant" ride, but was in fact the "dumbo" ride. I kindly pointed out that dumbo is only at Disneyland. She gave me a 4 year old smirk.
These were all toddler rides. My body is not toddler sized. I was pretty crammed on most of them.
Luckily the same sassy 4 year old was not around to lecture me on this being the Mad Hatter Ride and not just the tea cup ride.

It was a great night. We all went to bed far too late, but Spencer slept until 10 the next day so all was good. 11.5 months until our next dose of corn dog.


chelsea said...

Looks like fun! Well, except for the ongoing fight with the 4 year old. That part is just plain funny.

Maryellen said...

i have yet to experience the fair but your documentation may just be enough for me. i was a little queezy after the umbilical chord and after birth pictures. Thanks for the education though. :)