Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here piggy piggy

Saturday night. Joshua and Amy's House. 2010 Halloween Party.

The doorbell rings. Shireen goes to answer it. Door opens, she screams and she slams the door. The door opens from the outside and in walks John, wearing a decapitated pig mask. This thing had fake blood and arteries on the back- the whole "I'm an animal that just got my head chopped off" works.

Spencer was standing close by when this all happened. Several people were quite concerned that he was going to be frightened and start crying. What happened was quite the opposite, actually. He waved, laughed and said "hi piggy." Then he wanted to try the pig mask on. Spencer started a trend because after that it became this "thing" at the party where everyone wore the pig mask with components of their own costume. I had to use my pictures and pictures from at least 5 facebook photo albums to put this all together. It was quite laborious and I hope you appreciate the effort.

Patrick as Indiana Jones Piggy
Joni as Dr. Piggy JR as Dino PiggyJoshua as Alan from The Hangover Piggy "Jacob" as Carlos from The Hangover Piggy
(please note that Jacob is not really there. We don't need CPS getting involved.)
Maryellen as Ugly Betty Piggy

Cheryl as Nun PiggyMe as Daisy Duck Piggy Michael as Goofy PiggyLauren as Witch PiggyAmy as 50's car hop piggy

There may have been others in the piggy mask as well and I just couldn't find the picture. I do have my limitations you know. Copying from someone's facebook album- fine. Breaking into someone's home and copying pictures from their computer- not so fine.

Hopefully we don't all end up with the same gross eye infection or avian influenza from our time in the pig.


chelsea said...

Ewww and hahahahaha!

Chelsea's Mom said...

More likely swine flu...but I sure hope not...hilarious post!!

Megan said...

Oink Oink...

Team Eliza said...

It looks like everyone was having a very good time but honestly that mask is creepy scarey. Spencer is one brave little guy because I know Eliza would have FREAKED out.

The GVZ's said...

That mask is truly horrifying.

Maryellen said...

Okay, I belly laughed throughout this post. John got very sick on Sunday and missed two days of work last week. I think it's because of the Dino. He was the last one to wear the mask...I think.

Cat said...