Monday, January 25, 2010


It has been genuinely cold the past couple of days. We had to wait until 11 am to take our morning walk yesterday. Even then it was chilly.

This was on our walk last night. We had to give into several of Spencer's terrorist demands in order for him to agree to keep his hood on and his hands under the blanket. This included singing "The Wheels on the Bus" over and over for the entire walk and taking a certain route.

He wanted us to leave him in the garage when we got home. We did not agree to this demand. Knowing my son he'd figure out how to start the car and drive to the store for some cake, which he begged for all weekend. Spencer has had cake like 4 times his entire life. Where did he get the idea that it's something we eat every day?


Team Eliza said...

This post made me laugh - after reading this I am more convinced than ever that Eliza and Spencer are kindred spirits. Eliza often requests to have cupcakes for breakfast. We have managed to pacify her with blueberry muffins (aka blue cupcakes). Her FAVORITE song ever ever is The Wheels on Bus - we have been known to sing in Cosco in hopes of avoiding a meltdown!

The Yager Family said...

SO funny! They get the funniest things in their heads, and I'm sure it makes perfect sense to them... cracks me up!

lady of leisure said...

Spencer has quite a life, if only he knew! Wouldn't it be great to be all bundled up and have someone pull you around in an awesome wagon?