Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday with Elmo

We had a great Saturday. The highlight, of course, was meeting Elmo. This is Spencer waiting for Elmo to make his big entrance. Pretty bored, huh?

As Elmo was coming around the corner.Whenever Spencer gets really excited he covers his mouth with his hand. This is when Elmo was right in front of him.

He was pretty thrilled.

Elmo did the Elmo Hokey Pokey for the kids.Yeah for Elmo! There were quite a few kids who freaked out ala Santa's lap style when their parents put them on Elmo. Not my boy. He marched right up.And let Elmo pick him up.

It's just too bad that he didn't smile until after picture taking was all done.
After Elmo, we got our coffee and all was right with the world.


The Yager Family said...

What a fun day! I love that feeling of knowing your child is so excited and thrilled and in awe of something... it is the BEST!

lady of leisure said...

Just for future reference - where's this local toy store?