Sunday, January 17, 2010

New shoes

Mommy's new shoes

$4.99 for the blue and $4.99 for the burgundy (size 9.5)

Total= $9.98

Daddy's new shoes

$12.99 for the grey and $11.99 for the white (size 10.5)

Total= $24.98
Spencer's new shoes (Size Toddler 7)

$14.99 for the brown and $12.99 for the blue

Total= $27.98
Glad to see that Spencer has the special distinction of both the smallest and the most expensive shoes in the house.


Team Eliza said...

You must have found one heck of a sale - very impressed. I have a pair just like the blue ones (same size too) but they are black and they kill my feet. After you have worn the blue pair a very times let me know - and if they don't hurt your feet - I will send you the black ones. It is silly for them to just sit in my closet.

Spencer's blue shoes sort of remind me of the top siders we used to wear we when I was a kid.

Natalie said...

Jenn- Target was having a great sale. My shoes were 80% off. Michael's were 75% off. Spencer's were full price.

That is a very generous offer about the shoes. I'll let you know after I wear them to work a few times. The burgundy ones are actually proving to be rather pinchy, but only on my left foot.

The Yager Family said...

Ohhh I love shoes!