Thursday, January 28, 2010

Art Corner

Spencer needed a place to do his art. Our kitchen had an empty corner. We hung a bulletin board on the wall, moved his little chair and table set, added some wire baskets for supplies and hung some pictures on the wall.

Voila. A place where he can color and paint all day. (And some days he does.)
Come on. He's obviously an artistic genius. Right up there with Monet. We had a bunch of extra 5 x 7 frames. I think finger painting looks elegant in a silver frame. And scribbles take on a whole new dimension in a gold, gilded frame. Should I start taking orders now? Spencer really cranks out the art and we're running out of space to display it. Don't tell him, but some of his materpieces have been put in the recycle.


The Yager Family said...

Such a great idea!

Team Eliza said...

Love the art corner - very cool idea - we have an area with Eliza's framed art and we just rotate with the seasons what we put in the frames - currently the sand snowflakes adorn our walls

Maryellen said...

Spencer is so lucky. His art corner is awesome.