Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Mother's Day and Beyond

We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for breakfast on Mother's Day.  As a reminder, that was May 12th.  Ugh.  Still so far behind. 

It's my favorite Mexican-for-breakfast restaurant.  I mean, come on!  Carne asada omelet with chips, salsa, and coffee?!  YES!

I selected and bought all of my own gifts.  Michael did put them in bags for me though. 

All my favorites!
We worked on Spencer's campaign posters on Monday the 13th.  Spoiler alert.  He lost the election by 10 votes. 

That day was also totally awesome because all of these packages were delivered at one time.  This is all stuff I had bought over something like three to four weeks.  They just happened to arrive in one shipment. 



Ready to take the posters to school on Tuesday the 14th. 

Ready to launch into a life in space. 
I had an appointment with my dermatologist that day.  She removed two moles from my leg. I still think it's funny she thought these were suspicious.  Spoiler alert- the biopsy was fine. 

The bandages reminded me of ravioli.
The jacaranda tree in our neighbor's yard was just lovely in mid-May, so I tried to take a picture of the beautiful purple flowers.  The sun beam was unexpected. 

I bought this bouquet at Trader Joe's that day.  Flowers were really cheap after Mother's Day. 
I helped to chaperone a field trip at work on the 16th.  I case manage four of these five kids.  I was responsible for all of them that day.  I was exhausted. 

Elliott was 7 years 5 months on the 16th. 

On Friday the 17th the kids had their spring piano recital. Their teacher, Jana, has so many students now that she did two concerts- a Friday night and a Saturday morning. 

Accidental twins

Not twins, but Elliott still wanted to have his picture too. 
My manicure on the 17th.  I tried to take it with my flowers.  I'm just not very good at these nail pictures. 

I took a day long class on Saturday the 18th.  They had breakfast and lunch as part of it.  I sent a picture of my lunch dessert to Michael to make him jealous. 
I also got to take home the centerpiece from my table.   So for a few days we had lots of beautiful flowers in the house. 

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