Sunday, December 21, 2008

Naughty Behavior

It is because of nights like last night that I decided to write this blog. It gives all my family and friends a glimpse into my life with the baby and the beagle. I swear they are in cahoots with each other and plan their attacks to overlap one another.

We had some final holiday shopping to finish last night. Shopping with Spencer is never easy because two of his least favorite activities are sitting in the carseat and sitting in a shopping cart. We decided to just do everything at once so that it would be 1 big unpleasant evening rather than 3 unpleasant trips. Spencer's maximum tolerance for being put in and taken out of his seat is 3 times. We had to go to Home Depot, Cost Plus, Michaels, Target, Ashley Furniture and finally, to dinner. All in separate shopping centers. That is 6 times out of the carseat and 6 times in. So, it was a rough evening.

We finally get home and, oh joy, this mess is waiting for us:

This is the first time that Ginger has ever knocked over the garbage and rifled through it. This is very typical beagle behavior but is very untypical for Ginger. We're assuming she was mad at us for leaving her home alone and this was our punishment.

Here is a closeup of the scene of the crime.

As soon as we get this all cleaned up Spencer waltzes into the kitchen holding a silver ball from the Christmas tree. The second we notice he is holding it he chucks it at the tile and it shatters.

Here is a closeup of the other scene of the crime.

I'm afraid that Spencer really enjoyed the sound of that glass breaking and will be wanting a repeat performance soon. At least he helped clean up. Don't worry- all the glass was gone before we let him walk around in his bare feet. I can't say the same for dust and dog hair.

Love the basset hound track suit

On a totally unrelated subject- Congratulations to the Yager family on the birth of a healthy new baby boy named Zac. Thanks for being born before Christmas, Zac. A lot of your mother's gifts were riding on that.


Maryellen said...

Oh my! That's some mess!!! Have a very merry Christmas!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the basset track suit!! Looks like you have your hands full. Have a Merry Christmas! -Megan

The Yager Family said...

What a day! I hope that Christmas settles down for you!
Thanks for the "shout out" in your blog about little Zac! We are blessed!