Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Woofstock and 18 years

I managed to get the computer to work for long enough to get the pictures into the post.  Now we'll see if I can get words on the page.  I'll try to be brief so I can finish before the computer sickness takes over again. 
We'll start on Friday. I had to work and Spencer had to go to school.  But nobody wanted to get up since it is finally cool in the mornings and bed feels oh so warm and snuggly.  Spencer went from his bed to my bed to Elliott's bed before he finally got up.
We had breakfast for dinner that night.  Spencer wanted fried eggs specifically because of this Grumpy Cat picture.
He did a pretty good job arranging his food.  He took the picture too!
 My parents spent the night with us on Friday.  On Saturday morning we all got up, all put on dog shirts and went to Woofstock.  I was hoping to get a good picture with Santa to replace our great picture from last year.  We waited for 2 hours for them to print our free 5 x 7 and Lauren (who met us there) waited another hour, but they never printed our picture. Jerks.  And the sidelines outtakes that my mom took aren't refrigerator worthy.

They had the Nestle Nesquik bunny and free chocolate milk this year.

The same awesome face painter (that did a whole tiger face on Spencer last year) was there again.
Spencer went for an angry bird and Elliott requested Mickey Mouse.


We watched dogs racing and dogs doing tricks.

Spencer got a Spiderman balloon hat.  Part of it popped within 5 minutes.  Elliott got an Elmo balloon hat.  Most of it popped within an hour.
After we got home from Woofstock my dad, per my request, helped move the oven out so I could clean under, beside and next to it.
It was disgusting.

The side had melted wax all over it.  I wonder what the story behind that is.
The after is much more pleasing.

On Saturday night we went to Monica and Rick's house for dinner.  Spencer was ready for angry bird to come off, but he wanted one more picture before we took make-up remover to his face.
Oh, and Rick let the kids ride him like a pony.

On Sunday Michael and I celebrated 18 years of knowing each other.  For reference, this is close to what we looked like the day we met.  This is probably a few months later.  We don't really remember.

And this is us 18 years later.  Photograph complements of our first born.
We also took some whole family selfies.

Since nothing says anniversary celebration like running errands, that's exactly what we did. 
After a whole bunch of store trips we stopped at AJ's for a little treat.  We also used the treat as bribery for Elliott to take his 2 year- 11 month pictures.  In 1 more month he will be 3 and I will have to change the title of this blog since no more babies will live here.


And then, because it was the first really cool day of the fall, we went for a walk.  Elliott attempted to ride a tricycle, but failed miserably and ended up walking.

Next year will be the 19 year of meeting anniversary.  Since Michael was 19 when we met and that makes it extra special, maybe we'll go out on a date.  But it will be a Monday, so we probably won't. 


Sherry said...

I love how much you captured in this one post. I could write a book in response to everything. Haha! I also love that you stated in the beginning you would try to be brief. Sorry for the laughter there...hehe! I love that brother picture. I love that occasionally Brody will climb up into Evan's bed in the mornings to snuggle with him. He usually comes in our room, but usually on weekends, he will want his brother instead. All of your Grumpy cat pinterest posts just give me a much needed laugh. I wish we had something like Woofstock around here...how fun for both man and pooch. Sorry about the Santa photograph jerks. Sigh. What was up with that? Your stove pictures do not make me want to move mine and clean under them...I am actually quite scared. Right after we moved in over 5 years ago, the old washer and dryer that was here died and we removed and replaced them ourselves because I require a nice washer and dryer. The floor under them was just beyond disgusting...like totally black (the flooring is white) and thick and gooey like oil or something. I did actually get it all cleaned up. Of course, I don't know what it looks like today although I don't think it is that bad...just maybe some lent discharge that escapes the vent. I can only imagine how bad our stove is, but it is not easily removable as it is built in. I am pretty sure it is gross under it though because of the age of the stove. Can you imagine how many pictures we would have of our early dating years if we took pictures back then like we do now? Haha! Eddie and I started dating in early 2000 so we will have our 15th dating anniversary in a few months. We don't actually celebrate a particular date as I don't remember the exact date we met. I know where we met and all. Then, we are never sure what date would actually qualify as our official "first date." We did lots of things together and with friends before our official first solo date although by that point, we were pretty hooked. I figure it is somewhere in March or April. :-)

Jeannette said...

Love the family selfies! We realized this is our 15th Christmas together, so we're going to celebrate by buying a new roof (vomit).

Spencer's photography skills are really pretty impressive. I guess that's what happens when you're used to having your picture taken religiously by your mother. I'll expect the same out of Ellie soon.

Seriously, what are you going to do about the title?

Jeannette said...

haha, looks like Sherry and I are catching up/commenting at the same time. :)