Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Turkeys and pirates

We had a nice easy week last week.  After two very jam-packed weekends in a row it was nice to not be busy, busy, busy for a while.

Elliott started his Tiny Turkey class on Monday.  I registered him for this class in August and have been so excited to start it.  Now it turns out that, due to Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving, I have to work on two of the four Mondays he has class.  He'll still go to those two other days, just not with me.

This was his first turkey project.

Look Jeannette!  The gremlins in my phone changed the colors again.

Nobody wanted to get out of bed on Tuesday morning, including Ginger.

Spencer went from his bed to my bed to Elliott's bed trying to delay the inevitable.
Elliott and I ended up at a mall we usually do not go to because we were having lunch with a friend at a nearby restaurant that day.  

Their Christmas/Santa display was already up.  On November 4th!  I don't approve, but I did take some pictures.

We went grocery shopping after Spencer got home from school.
On Wednesday we bought a Jake costume for Elliott to wear for his pirate party.  It was 70% off at the Disney store.  After we got home Elliott refused to wear it (which does not bode well for his party) but Spencer was thrilled to take a try.  And yes, they can pretty much fit into the same size now.  They differ by about 6 pounds.

On Thursday we took pictures to use for Elliott's birthday invitation.  They came out really cute.  As soon as everybody actually gets one in the mail I will share a picture of the finished product.

We bought this backdrop at the party store.  We're going to use it as a decoration/picture backdrop at the party.

We used the same backdrop to take Spencer's 7 year-2 month pictures.



Valerie said...

Our boys not only share a birthday but a brain as well. Oliver is OBSESSED with Jake. Y'all are going to have the best birthday for him!

Sherry said...

That pirate party is going to be so fun. We will need someone to buy us plane tickets ASAP so my boys can attend in all their pirate glory. Haha! I am sure Spencer is about to hit a major growth spurt (especially with his increased appetite right?) because Evan has really put on so much height since turning 7. He was exactly 50 lbs. and about 50 inches tall at his well check up this week. And yes he is 7 months behind on his well checks. That just kind of happens when you gradually schedule those appointments a few weeks later every year, but it works out nice that it is during flu season when he can get his flu shot at the same time. :-) We weighed Brody at the same time and he was 36 lbs. Most of the difference is in the height now as Brody is wearing many of Evan's old 5T clothes.

Jeannette said...

I think those gremlins have a really artistic eye. Just sayin'

I totally agree that November 4th is a little early for the full-on holiday explosion, although you gotta admit it's nice to be able to take pictures with the stuff without 10,000 other kids clamoring all over it.

I'm really bummed that we won't be attending anymore of your boys' parties for the foreseeable future. :( Of course, since Clark and Elliott both decided they wanted December birthdays, I'm sure it would've been a logistical nightmare anyway. At least this way we don't have to feel any guilt, right?