Monday, November 3, 2014

Parking lot pumpkin patch

Almost every year since Spencer was two we have gone to a "big" pumpkin patch and farm in October.  This usually consists of dedicating at least half of the day to the event and spending a lot of money on activities that the kids enjoy but don't really HAVE to do.  This year we just had a really busy and full October and we ran out of time to go to a "big" pumpkin patch.  So we improvised and went to a perfectly lovely pumpkin patch that happens to be on an empty corner lot a few blocks from my parents house.

But first I had to love on Elliott who I had not seen in almost exactly 48 hours.  While loving on him I also rested because this was the morning after the wedding and I had slept for 4 hours.
Really, the whole point of going to a pumpkin patch is to take pictures with the pumpkins and this place actually had some lovely displays.

They even had a couple of goats, a turkey and some chickens.  That's all we really needed.

Spencer was DISGUSTED by this warty pumpkin.  I thought it was kind of cool.

We asked a fellow parking lot pumpkin patch goer to take a family picture.  I will take this opportunity to mention that Michael was as hung over as he has ever been in his life and had spent the morning alternating between vomiting and laying in bed wanting to die.  He hid it pretty well.  After we left the pumpkin patch he passed out at my parents house and the kids and I drove home without him (we had two cars and he came home later) and went to Monica and Rick's house for dinner.
The dinner was the last "official" wedding event.  After that we came home, unpacked, displayed our pumpkins and then passed out.  For the next 4 days.

The pumpkins stayed inside all week because it was in the mid-90's all week and they would have blown up if we left them outside.

More pumpkin and Halloween festivities to come!


Lana said...

We usually visit a big pumpkin patch as well, but this year time got the best of us so we ended up taking the girls to pick out pumpkins at a local church. We actually just carved our pumpkins on Saturday!! I guess we will light it up for our small group gathering tomorrow. :)

Sherry said...

Yep, I told you that I think some of my favorite pumpkin pictures are at these little roadside stands. We haven't been yet sadly. I was laughing that you ratted out Michael for being hung over. So is this the drunkest he's ever been including college? Haha! I haven't seen Eddie drunk since college so it would be hilarious although he usually made me mad when he was drunk. He actually saw me a little drunk at one of our law school parties. It was end of the first year so we needed to celebrate. :-)

Jeannette said...

I'm definitely sold on just hitting the roadside stands.
Michael was such a trooper. Aaron got the most hungover I've ever seen him (and we went to college together!) after a wedding the year before Ellie was born. There's just something about wedding drinking that really kicks your butt.