Sunday, November 9, 2014

Halloween Party 2014

Another year, another party, another fun coordinated and themed family costume.  Spencer is already planning our Star Wars costumes for next year, but after that I don't know if we can pull off the family costume any more.  One of these days somebody is going to rebel.  It would actually be funny if Elliott rebelled before Spencer but I'm not sure that will happen since he has many more years to grow before realizing he could refuse.

So, obviously, this year we were The Super Mario Brothers family: Princess Peach, Toad, Mario and Luigi.   
We bought Spencer's costume at Costco in August.  We bought Elliott's costume at Walmart about a week later.  For my costume I found a $12 (with free shipping) pink ball gown on ebay, a $2 crown in the party section at Target and I made the jewelry out of pieces I found in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.   We got everything for Michael at Goodwill- $3 white pants, a $2 flesh toned t-shirt, a $3 tank top that I cut into a vest and a $2 lampshade that we modified (by gluing some plastic mesh and a baseball cap inside of it) to be a toadstool.

Here's the collage I made to compare our costumes to the real characters.

Shireen and Joseph were once again hosts of the annual Halloween party.
It was the first cool day and night since about May, so it felt great to be sitting outside and not roasting in the heat.

Joni as a cowgirl and Lauren as a witch.

Brenda was Jesus.

The kids all played Halloween Bingo.

I caught Lauren uploading a picture of herself to Facebook and then I added this picture in the comment section of that picture.

Spencer had a blast with his new dentures.
Elliott played with this little kitchen all night.  He was also very, incredibly rude to the little bumblebee.  He got right up in her face and told her to GO AWAY.  Then he got busted by his mother.

Shireen is going to let me borrow this skeleton for Elliott's pirate birthday party.  I have big plans for him.

That's all I have for the party, but I wanted to give some details to random people looking at this post in, like, four years because they googled "homemade princess peach costume" and came upon this page.

Here's a close up of my jewelry.  I found this perfectly shaped pendant in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby.  I painted it the proper colors and then used my own chain from another necklace.

This is the before

I also found these little hoops in the clearance section.

I filled the center with hot glue,
waited for the glue to dry and harden, then painted them and then used super glue to glue old stud earrings on the back.  They were really heavy and I will probably never wear them again, but it was a simple project for 1 night.
There was a costume competition at the party.  We collectively, as a family, WON!

Thank you, thank you very much.

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Sherry said...

Well, you had better have won! Those costumes were awesome. I do laugh a little that your Mario was taller than Luigi. Hehe! And that Luigi is quite the little stinker. I am actually betting he will be the first to rebel because I know he is as stubborn as his little buddy, Brody. Haha!