Thursday, October 1, 2009

Funny Day

There are days that I wish I worked in an office with other adults. Maybe at an advertising agency. Or a law firm. Sure, there are adults at school, but I don't really work with them on a day to day basis. I spend all my time in a little room doing therapy and evaluations with just kids. Then I come home to a kid. Other days I feel incredibly lucky that I get to be surrounded by kids. They're so funny. Yesterday funny things happened with all the kids I spent time with.

Funny Story #1

I was doing a therapy session with four 3rd and 4th grade boys. We were talking about things you use in the bathroom to get ready, i.e. shampoo, hair spray, toothbrush, etc. I asked the question, "what do ladies put on their face to make them look pretty?". One kid looked straight at me and in all seriousness said "whipped cream". Really? I don't even want to know what's going on at his house. I laughed so hard.

Funny Story #2

Spencer and I had a play date at my friend Danielle's house. Danielle has 4 kids- Allison is 9, John is 7, Lizzie is 4 and David is 2. We were sitting on the couch while David and Spencer played with books and trucks. Allison came in and asked her mom if they had any crackers. We both assumed she was just looking for a snack. She disappeared for a few minutes and then proudly appeared from the kitchen holding a plastic cutting board. She put it down on the coffee table and said "would anyone like some cheese and crackers?" 9 years old! The perfect hostess. Danielle and I just cracked up. We were already drinking wine (how great is a play date that includes wine for the mommies?!) so a cheese and cracker platter was perfect. So cute.Funny Story #3

After the playdate we met Michael at Target for some quick shopping and then went to IHOP for dinner. We waited for 15 minutes before I got up and told an employee that no one had been over to wait on us. He went to find our waitress, then came over, apologized, said there had been a mix-up and she would be there in a second. We waited 5 more minutes then left. I saw the manager outside smoking when we left. I think a strongly worded letter to IHOP corporate offices is in order.
So anyway, we ended up at Macaroni Grill. We sat outside, which was perfect, because no one else was out there and Spencer was able to run around and be goofy. When our waitress brought our food over and started putting it down, Spencer yelled "cheese!" just as she took out the parmesan grater. It was perfectly timed. As I write this, it's not very funny, but as it happened it was hilarious. My boy loves himself some cheese.


The Yager Family said...

Ahhh I love funny kid stories! People tend to look down on you if you ridicule adult coworkers publicly via blog, but we can "ridicule" kids all day and it's just cute!
Other comments:
-Are you telling me that you don't use whipped cream on your face? Get with the program Natalie.
-How can I get in on a wine drinkin' play date? That sounds grat!
-I think anytime a kid yells "chese" it is comical. It's just a funny word if you think about it.
Have a great day!!

Maryellen said...

I loved all of your kid stories. They're all adorable and hilarious. Whipped cream? Awesome.