Monday, August 31, 2009

30+2 = Good Times, Tons of Pictures and a Train Cake

I think this will be my longest post ever. I don't have that much to say, but there are about 45 million pictures.

The big double birthday party was on Saturday night in Tucson. It was a smashing success. Spencer, Ginger and I got up on Friday morning and drove to Tucson to do all the shopping. Michael came down after work. After I bought all the ingredients I did some crazy from scratch cake baking and decorating- 24 dark chocolate cupcakes, 10 strawberry cupcakes, 6 strawberry train cars and 1 strawberry train engine. Spencer has never really had chocolate before. I think there were a few chocolate chips in a cookie he had once and maybe a few sprinkles on a scoop of ice cream, but nothing totally chocolate.

Isn't this the best face you have EVER seen?

Needless to say, he is a big fan of chocolate.

The train cake. It took 3 hours of baking and 3 hours of decorating. But at least my son can never say that his mother never made him a cake. The train cake on display with the cupcakes.This is not the first (nor will it be the last) family picture that involves a toothbrush.
Anyone celebrating a birthday was allowed to be part of this picture. Notice the overalls. They lasted 10 minutes and then Spencer shimmied out of them.It's not like I made a special trip to Osh Kosh B'Gosh to buy them and then made a special trip to a fabric store to buy an iron-on train and then ironed it on and then bought a conductor hat to go with the ensemble so that Spencer would look cute with his train cake or anything.
Spencer with his guests, Lilly and Zac Yager. Ethan and Shawn, my friend Kristi's 1-year-old twin boys, were also there but we somehow managed not to take a single picture of them. Chelsea, me and Laura. We're all 30 now (well, we will be after Saturday). Crazy! Baby Zac. He was baptized earlier the same day and is probably the holiest person to ever attend a party at my parent's house. Laura and me Spencer is obviously disgusted by something. Perhaps his shoes?
My dad, Ian, Nathan and Kendra. Blowing out candles. Michael had to help Spencer a bit. The beautiful Yager girls.Michal's mom and aunt Linda. My handsome boys. Lotsa presents Cool salt shakers from Chelsea. Spencer was actually able to help unwrap stuff this year. It was fun to watch. James. He actually took most of these pictures. Thanks James. The new motorcycle trike. It was a fantastic day made special by all of our family and friends. What a great way to bring in my 30's and Spencer's terrible, er, wonderful 2's.


The Yager Family said...

Happy Happy Birthday! It was such a fun party - we all had a blast! Great pics... and love the comment about Zac being holy!

Kendra Forgacs said...

Awesome cake! I remember that my mom made my sister a "castle cake" for one of her birthday's. I (still) ask every year for a castle cake with no success. I hope if you have another baby you make him/her a really cool cake too. I'm not bitter.

Maryellen said...

The party looks like it was a blast! Great job on the train cake by the way. It was awesome and looked deeelicious.

I will definitely be at you shindig on Saturday but John will not. He's leaving for his Vegas trip with old fraternity brothers on Thursday and won't be back until Sunday. I'll be there to welcome you in to your 30's.