Thursday, June 14, 2018

The beginning of summer vacation

This post is a bit of a mish-mash.  I'm just trying to get caught up before blogging about our first mini-trip of the summer. 

So, this was Saturday the 2nd.  I had bought stroopwafles at Ross.  The box says "warm it up on your cup". 

I tried.  It didn't work.  The box is a liar. 

Spencer had had a sleep over on Thursday night and then another one on Saturday night, so we left the bed up in the family room in between.  Ginger was a fan. 

My friend Marva posted this thing on Facebook about having an M on your palm.  I checked.  I have one. 

This is what it's supposed to mean. 

The M on your palm

According to John Saint-Germain, author of “Karmic Palmistry: Explore Past Lives, Soul Mates & Karma,” an M on your non-dominant hand is rare and very telling, indeed. Here are some of the characteristics of someone with this special marking:
  • You’re good at writing, journalism or working in education
  • You’re excellent at making money
  • You thrive in careers that demand self-discipline and self-motivation
  • You are drawn to management positions
  • You possess leadership qualities
  • You can expect riches, fortune in life and great prospects
  • You have an uncanny ability to see through lies and deceit
  • You’ll know if someone is cheating or being less than honest
The M might appear on one or both hands, though typically it’s important to check the non-dominant hand first. Also, be aware that the lines aren’t fixed — they may appear or disappear over time.
             This is the decor I've had on the fireplace mantel in May and June.  I need to get into gear and get some patriotic summer stuff up, but I will be sad to say bye-bye to the toucans.

I caught Michael taking a paper out of the recycle to read it.  It's like he thinks he's my dad. 

Spencer's friend came over around 3 on Saturday.  The boys all went in the pool after dinner. 

I took the opportunity to capture the gorgeous yellow flowers in our yard. 

I went in the pool too, but only lasted 2 minutes. 

Spencer and his friend building the computer my uncle gave him for his confirmation. 
I made pancakes for breakfast on Sunday the 3rd.  I poured this one, it cooked a bit, then I scraped all the rest of the batter on top.  It was a bit of pancake inception. 
Joni sent me this bracelet because I reached a certain level in Rodan+Fields.  I thought the little dangly N would drive me crazy, but surprisingly it doesn't.  I wore it on Monday the 4th. 

I worked that day.  It was the first day that my car was on fire when I left work. 
The kids started swim lessons and swim team that night.  Michael took Elliott to lessons.  I took Spencer to team. 

There are new swim team coaches this year. 

I baked a bunch of cookies to take to Flagstaff on Tuesday the 5th.

Oatmeal with almonds, apricots, and orange peel.  Oh, and white chocolate chips. 

Chocolate chip.  I let the dough rest for something insane like 48 hours before baking it. 

I packed for Flagstaff that night. When we bought this canopy bed I never thought I would use it as a clothing rack.  It's so handy though. 

This is the bare minimum number of shoes for a four day trip. 

And finally, my nails for Flagstaff. 

Up next.  Can you guess?  Yes, it's the trip to Flagstaff. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Family Pictures

In May 2010 Michael, Spencer and I went to the portrait studio and had family pictures taken.  They also took pictures of just Michael and Spencer, and just me and Spencer.  Four years later, when Spencer was six and Elliott was two we went back for more pictures. This time in April 2014.  Again they took individual pictures of the kids with their separate parents.  And thus, a thing was born to have family pictures with individuals with the kids every four years. 

This year it happened on June 1.  In 2022 we'll have to do March and in 2026 it will be July. 


I took the old pictures out of the frames to add the new pictures.  Here's an old school comparison.


Old School


Old School


Old School