Monday, January 23, 2017

Holiday weekend

I already posted about Saturday of MLK Jr weekend, so I'll jump right in to Sunday.  It was a whopper of a day.

Here are the details: we did nothing memorable and I took one picture the whole day.  Ha!
On Monday the kids new booster seats were delivered.  It has been getting increasingly difficult to get Elliott into the five point harness and the straps were borderline too low and couldn't be raised any more.  Plus he had started complaining about it.  Technically speaking, he could have been in a booster 24 pounds ago, but I think it is always better to keep them in a more restrictive seat (safer!) for longer. 
They sat in them for the first time while we went to the movie theater.  Michael and Spencer went to see Rogue One and Elliott and I saw Sing.  Sing started bit later so we wasted some time at Home Goods.  Elliott was 5 years 1 month old, so we tried for his monthly picture. 

He picked this chair. 

I picked this one. 
We went to the park after.  

More monthly photos.   The sun was being tricky.

Spencer was not happy about being there. It took until we were getting ready to leave for him to start enjoying himself. 

It was laundry time when we got home.  Ginger will never not sleep on a pile of laundry on the floor. 

And finally, I ended the holiday weekend with an "after" shot of my jamberry wraps before I took them off.  They were still stuck down really tight, even after 11 days, but I wanted my nails to get a break before I do them again for Disneyland!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Work it out- 2016 edition

Last year in January I wrote an incredibly boring post about all the workouts I did in 2015.  It was definitely the least interesting post I wrote all year.  And I'm going to do it again.  It ended up being very valuable to me for several reasons.  Reason #1- accountability.  There were a few times during the year that I wanted to skip a work out but I didn't because I didn't want that to show up on my blog after the year was done. Reason #2- reference.  There were several times I was at work and I needed to know what work outs I was doing that week for any number of reasons.  I just googled my own blog, found my work out schedule and I knew within a minute or so.  

If you have absolutely no interest in knowing about my exercise regiment last year feel free to close your browser and go have a drink.  Really.  You have my full support.  

In 2014 I worked out 244 times.  It was 67% of the available days.  My goal for 2015 was 273 workouts or 75%.  I fell short and worked out 243 times which you might notice is one LESS than 2014.

My goal for 2016 was still 273 workouts or 75% of the available days. How did I do?
I started the year strong with a T-25 Alpha/Gamma Hybrid for the month of January.  I did all 24 workouts and missed none. 

I started doing a three month program- Turbo Fire- in February.  Month one was solid and I did all 24 workouts. 

March was great too.  I did month two of Turbo Fire and did all 24 workouts. 

April was month three of Turbo Fire and another perfect 24 work outs. 

At the end of April/beginning of May I started going to physical therapy for a neck injury.  I also started doing ChaLean Extreme, which I had done in 2015.  ChaLean Extreme is 5 work-outs a week.  Month one was perfect with 20 workouts. 

June got all jacked up because of our trip to Florida and then the time we spent in Tucson when we got home.  My workout schedules also got really far off from the days of the month.  
I ended up doing 14 workouts in June. 

July was an interesting month (using a very liberal definition of interesting) because my neck injury flared up very badly. I decided half way through the month that I just couldn't be lifting heavy weights if I wanted physical therapy to help me.  So I quit ChaLean Extreme halfway through the month and went back to Turbo Fire.  I did that for 2 weeks and then started PiYo at the end of July.  I did 24 workouts in July, which is "technically" what I had scheduled for the month. 

I did the second month of PiYo in August.  I got sick the second week with a really bad summer cold and missed a week and a half of workouts.  August was my worst month of the year (with December coming in second worse) with 18 workouts.  

After two months of PiYo and a still sore neck I went back to Turbo Fire in September.  It's really the only thing I could do without getting fierce neck pain afterwards. I did 21 workouts in September.  I think my birthday week tripped me up. 

October was Turbo Fire again.  23 workouts.  I missed a whole week of workouts to go to Arkansas, but I made up for it with some double workout days later in the month. 

Still Turbo Fire in November.  22 workouts. The week of Thanksgiving got me. 

December was also a Turbo Fire month.  I just did weeks five to eight again.  I was really, really afraid of messing up my neck so I wanted to stick with something I knew wouldn't injure me.  I did a really good job, up until the week after Christmas.  My total for the month was 21 workouts. 

So, are you ready for the total?  267 workouts.  It was six short of my goal of 273.  It ends up being 72.9% of the year, so we might as well call it 73%.

So.  2017.  I'm coming for you.  273 workouts and 75% of the year.  I just can't travel or get sick.  Let's do it!

(I already missed the whole first week of January, so I'm starting out the year behind.  Dammit.)