Friday, November 17, 2017

Elliott's surgery

As I mentioned in my last post (see last post if you're confused), Elliott had a suspicious mole on the right side of his neck.  He's had it since he was about three, but it has gotten larger and a black dot appeared in the middle.  I had the pediatrician look at it over the summer and she agreed it was suspicious.  It was going to take six months to get into dermatology so we just skipped them and went straight to a pediatric plastic surgeon.  She also agreed it was suspicious and said it needed to come off ASAP, but it would need to be done under general anesthesia because of Elliott's age and its location on his neck.  We had that appointment the first week of October, so it took about six weeks to get in for surgery.

We did it on Friday the 10th, which was perfect because there was no school that day so Elliott didn't even have to miss Kindergarten.  Spencer was at a friend's house so Elliott got our full attention.  

We checked in at 8:45 and were in the "prep" room at 9:15. 

Elliott was not thrilled about the clothes he had to wear.  He also didn't care at all about the bear they gave him.  We ended up giving it to Lauren because she does work with foster kids and can pass it on to a kid that really needs it. 

Picture of a picture being taken

The surgery was scheduled for 10:00.  I think it was 10:15 when the surgeon came to talk to us and 10:30 when the anesthesiologist came to talk to us.  We watched the entire movie Despicable Me while waiting. 

The surgery ended up starting around 11:00 and was probably done at 11:07.  The surgeon came to talk to use about 11:20.  

Elliott was in a MOOD when we went into the room.  He swore he hadn't been asleep at all and was angry about everything.  The anesthesiologist had warned us about this mood so we were prepared for it.  He also told us that he is the anesthesiologist that does 99% of the liver transplant surgeries at Phoenix Children's, so it was like we were all destined to meet each other. 

We were in recovery for about an hour before we were released.  Elliott was in a much better mood by the time we left. 
We hadn't eaten that morning in solidarity of Elliott not eating so we went out for a big breakfast-for-lunch.  I think we got there just before 1:00.

And apparently this was the day I also bought a turkey sweater for a bottle of wine. Why else would I have done a photo shoot of it?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Inching towards the holidays

Can you believe that we are right on the brink of the holiday season?  It starts next week.  Crazy. 
Last week was still a "normal" week.  This week, which I will blog about soon, was too.  But after this it's pretty much party, party, party until the new year. 

I took Ginger with me to get the car washed on Monday the 6th.  There were 42,000 bugs on the windshield from driving to and home from California. 

Later that afternoon I went to Hobby Lobby.  I had a gift card that my friend Cathy had given me in April.  I was keeping it specifically to buy something Thanksgiving themed and I knew my time was running out.  

The gift card paid for this beauty. 

A sneak peak of Thanksgiving. 

We took Spencer's 10 year 2 month pictures that evening. 

Probably official.

Elliott dressed himself in head to toe tiger on Wednesday the 7th. 

I took him with me to Penzey's that evening (specifically so I could use the carpool lane) and then we went to Cost Plus.  We both picked out a new soap.  Mistletoe for me (it's remarkable!), 

and candy cane for Elliott. 

A turkey I colored at work on Wednesday the 8th. 

I did my nails for Veteran's Day that evening. 

I took a better picture in better light when I was at work on Thursday the 9th. 

It was also so cold in my room that I had to work in fingerless gloves. 

I stopped at Target on my way home on Thursday.  What is this?  Seriously.  Is it a hedgehog or what?

Spencer went to Julian's house for a sleepover on Thursday evening and we took Elliott out to dinner for his last meal before his surgery.  His surgery will be the next post so stay tuned. 

And finally, pictures of Elliott's mole before it got cut out the next day. 

See the black dot?  Very suspicious. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

From Halloween to California

The day after Halloween I stopped at Target on my way to work so I could buy some desired items for 50% off. I know it looks like the cart is totally full, but it was more that the items were really big. 

Since I was on my way to work they had to come with me to work. 

I never want to be pulled over by a police officer, but if I was this would have been a good day for it. 
I got a coffee at the Target Starbucks before I left. It was just an Americano, but it was really festive in the holiday cup. 

I tested the skull out when I got home from work.  I'm not sure where I will put him next year. 
Even though Halloween was over I was still doing Halloween activities with my kids at work on Wednesday the 1st and Thursday the 2nd.  I colored all of these during those two days. We were targeting vocabulary and following directions. 
On Wednesday the 1st, after work, I put away all of the Halloween decorations and got out the Thanksgiving decorations.  I have now inherited two of these turkeys. The one on the right was my grandmother's, so I got it after she died in 2012.  The one on the left was my Aunt Karen's, so I got it this year.  I love them and they make me want to cry. 

I did my first set of fall nails that night. 
On Friday the 3rd I loaded up the car and drove to California to spend the weekend with Megan.  She was supposed to have had a baby one week prior, but he was three weeks early so I wasn't there immediately post partum. And, just as a reminder, Megan was a surrogate, so the baby was not hers and he is living happily with his parents in a different state. 

Sunglasses for any number of activities and outfits. 


My special neck roll pillow because without it, ouch. 

And, of course, me. 
The sunset was so stunning as I headed into the Coachella Valley I actually pulled off the freeway to do an entire photo session. 

Megan, her girls and I went to Panera for dinner and then ended up at this art festival that night. It was on the top level of a Macy's parking garage. 

We took a selfie to show that the heaters were on.  It was like 67 degrees. 
On Saturday the 4th we went to Old Navy. Megan moved a dress on the rack about a quarter of an inch and this entire pile of jeans fell off the table behind the rack.  Oops. 

We went to a piggy-decorated restaurant for dinner.  It was awesome. 

After dinner we went to Thrifty ice cream.  A real honest to goodness Thrifty!

Of course I got a double scoop- chocolate malted crunch and cherry chip. 
On Sunday the 5th Megan and I both had massages at her house and then I drove home.  It was fabulous and then awful. 

I took one picture all day.  It was pretty artsy.