Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Root canal and desert beauty

Last Wednesday, the 11th, I went to the bank after work.  This mess was in the parking lot.  What the hell happened here?  Some kind of tree massacre?

Ginger, that afternoon.
Spencer came home from school with a Head Injury Form.  I already knew about it because the nurse called me earlier.

"Unauthorized yo-yo" is my favorite new phrase. 

As I am writing this it's been a week, and it still looks awful. 

I took some pictures of the rest of him since I was making him take pictures.



Elliott wore his new tiger shorts on Thursday the 12th.  I need to find a better matching shirt. 
I walked Ginger when I took the kids to the bus stop.  We got home to find our neighbor's garage door looking like this. Uh-O!
I went in for a double root canal that afternoon.  It was really not bad.  It hurt when I got the first shot, but there was no pain after that.  It was uncomfortable and not pleasant, but there was no pain.  In fact I couldn't feel the entire front part of my face for about six hours after. 

I took some before pictures. 

These are the teeth they did.  I'll take some after pictures in a few weeks to see if there is any noticeable difference. 
After the root canal I took the kids to piano lessons.  Elliott had an allergic reaction, most likely to a cat at Ms. Jana's house. 

On Friday I went to the botanical gardens with my Aunt Janis.  I took a billion pictures of the gorgeous desert in bloom. Feel free to scroll quickly. 

I took this picture,  

and then a bunch of Army helicopters flew by.  

The vegetable garden 

Elliott really wanted to sleep in the guest room that night, so we let him.  He loved it and announced he's sleeping in there every weekend.   

He woke up much earlier than usual on Saturday, so we may not be allowing this new sleeping location. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Easter decor 2018

I took all of these pictures on Tuesday the 10th, so it was well after Easter.  It was so far after Easter that the couple of things I bought on sale after the holiday made it into the pictures.  That's definitely the way to do it!

And no worries, Easter has now been packed up and put away for another year.  We have twoish months of normalcy before I break out the 4th of July decor.

The family room entertainment center
The mantel.  I've tried different configurations every year and I'm still not satisfied with it.  The big bunny on the right was my Aunt Karen's. 

These white bunnies were new, but new before Easter.

I got this wreath after Easter.  I kind of like how it looks around the clock so this might be where it goes next year too. 

Behind the couch in the family room. 

Door to the laundry room.  Have you noticed that all of these pictures have a black spot? It's because there was a fleck of dust on the lens and I was close to being done when I figured it out and removed it.  I was too lazy to go back and redo everything. 

Carrot feet from 2015

Pantry door

I'm leaving the flower swag up for all of spring.  I also feel like I'm done and over the red curtain. 

Dining room

The bunny on the left is new after Easter.  His tail is broken, but he was $2 and the only one left and I think I hid his broken butt pretty well. 

It was right around here that I discovered the dust spot. 

I think it's still here on the bottom of the red flowers.
It's gone!

The gold bunny in the middle is new after Easter.  I think he was $1.

New before Easter

The glasses and the big platter in the next picture were new before Easter. 

The entryway table

Living room

I looked for new pillows, but I waited to long (because I didn't get them in February) and they were all gone. 

Front door

Entry way bench.  The big fat bunny in the middle was my Aunt Karen's too. 

I always feel soooooooo guilty when I shove these guys in a bin. And talking about it isn't helping!