Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The last days of break and back to work

On Saturday the 6th Spencer spent the night at a friend's house.  Elliott went to bed a little late that night because John and Maryellen were here for dinner. Then on Sunday the 7th Elliott slept until 11:10 am.  Yes.  11:10.  And even then the only reason he got up was because I went in and woke him up.  Who knows how long he would have slept on his own.

 P.S. He got a bed tent for his birthday.  He loves it.  I honestly think it helps him sleep better. 

Daily dose of Ginger pictures- Sunday the 7th

On Monday the 8th we went to Bookman's in Mesa.  I took this picture for Nick because the shelf is labeled "seafaring history". 
Last year my uncle gave me a bunch of gift certificates and store credit for Bookman's that my aunt Karen had accumulated.  I spent this one for $20.  It was from 1/30/01.  I kind of feel like I should have waited until 1/30/18 to spend it, but alas, I ruined it. 
We went out for Mexican food that night.  Michael and I had margaritas.  It was my last drink for a while since I'm going no sugar, no alcohol, no dairy, no grains for a good long while.  And then that was a lie because I drank a glass of wine the next night, but only because we had an open bottle.  I've been booze free since then. 
Tuesday the 9th was my first day back to work and the first day back to school for the kids.  I printed out super cute 2018 calendars for my office. 
And I nearly threw up when I opened Pandora and it was still on Rockin' Holidays Radio and playing Jingle Bell Rock.  I can tolerate Christmas carols any time of year, but NOT in January.  Probably not in February either.  
I took this picture of Ginger that night.  What the heck is going on here?  Her eyes are closed, but I caught her pupils flashing.  How did this happen? Is it witchcraft? 
Elliott wanted me to take his picture with a 15 pound weight on Wednesday the 10th. He asked if he could take a kid weight lifting class because he's really good at it. 

He's also really good at spelling and writing. 

And another daily dose of Ginger. 

The next post will be Thursday to Saturday of last week.  They were much more interesting days, promise. 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

And a Happy New Year! (House)

As I was taking Christmas decorations down on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of January, I was also putting up the New Years decorations. Each year I get a few more golden, celebratory items to add to the mix.

Family room

After I took the above pictures I realized I could put some battery operated tiny lights in these flowers for an added glowy touch. 
The gold tray (that is plastic), the gold candles and the big gold platter are new.  Oh, and so is the gold and white fluffy runner.

I still can't believe I got this for $13.  And that was the full price.  It wasn't on sale.  It's not plastic either.

Dining room table

They are all battery operated candles. It took me two years to actually add batteries.

Entry way table

No flash


This is opposite the entry way table

And this is past it, walking towards the kitchen.

Pantry door

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen table
I found this really cool gold and white tablecloth at Home Goods.  Even Michael wasn't cranky that I bought it. He genuinely likes it.

Festive centerpiece

Festive napkins
And that's it!

I never decorated for Valentine's Day last year, but I'm feeling it this year, so I'll do a heart filled house post just as soon as it's all up in February.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A poorly documented festive house

I decorated the inside of the house (minus the tree) the Sunday, Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving. We put the lights up right after Thanksgiving and decorated the tree the week after Thanksgiving.  Basically everything was done by December 1st.  But do you think I properly photographed the house in all its glory?  No, no I did not.

This was the first year we did colored lights instead of white icicle lights, and these are the only outside pictures I have. 
Nick gave us about six boxes of brand new white icicle lights so we've decided we're going to alternate years.  It will be 2019 before I can take a proper picture of the colored lights.  

At least I got the skiing pig from all angles. 

I took all of the inside pictures as I took decorations down. I really liked how everything looked this year, so I'll probably do a straight repeat next year. 

The wine sign was new and a great purchase. 

We continue to have major lighting issues with the tree.  The tree itself has held up very well, even after 11 years.  The lights.....a nightmare.  We even wrapped it with four strands this year and about half of those lights failed too.  We threw all those strands away so we are forced to start from scratch with lights next year. 

I feel like I finally got my Santa display on the top done the way I want it. 
The tin on the left belonged to my aunt.  I put it out long enough to take a picture and then I packed it.  The tin on the right was purchased by me in 2001.  It's amazing how perfectly they go together. 

I always decorate the little white tree with gold ornaments and then leave the tree out with the New Years decorations.  I never decorated it this year, despite the box of ornaments sitting out on the floor the entire month. 

The nutcracker in the blue shirt was my aunt's. 
The new frame and snow globes for 2017.  I'm actually going to gift the frame to somebody next year and I already have a new one to replace this one.  Elliott picked this one and it was like $5, so I was OK with it only lasting a year.  It's a long, complicated story, but this frame and snow globe will move locations two more times and I don't want the frame to say the year in its ultimate destination because its ultimate destination won't be in line with the two other frames that have the year on them.  I'm insane, I know. 

The little box was my aunt's.  I'm not sure where I will put it next year. 

I bought the Santa holding a nativity picture after Christmas 2016. 

And I bought this one this year. 
I pretty much quit taking pictures once I got to the dining room, so my apologies that you don't get to see the kitchen or family room.  They weren't really different from previous years though, so you're not missing much. 

I started taking decorations down last Friday, the 5th.  I used a mattress to block the front door so I could keep it open without Ginger escaping. 

I wanted to cry in the thick of it.  Such a mess. 

I made Michael pitch in a few solid hours when he got home from work, and everything but the tree and the wreaths was done by the time we went to bed that night. 

All the big hanging Santa's.

Christmas, all packed up and ready for another year in the garage. 

See you in late November decorations!