Thursday, March 26, 2015

Elliott milestones and etc

Monday was a huge day!  We registered Elliott for preschool.  He starts the same day that Spencer starts 2nd grade- July 20th.  He will be going to the same school, will be in the same classroom and will have the same teacher that Spencer had for two years of preschool.  We're very excited.  Less exciting will be getting two kids to two different schools at the same time.  Thank goodness Spencer can take the bus.

This picture was taken on Wednesday, but whatever.  This is very close to what he looked like on registration day.
The registration that we did on Monday was just the internet registration.  We still have to go to the actual school with our proof of residency, vaccination record and Elliott's birth certificate to complete the process.  Except that, oops.  We never ordered a birth certificate for Elliott.  So Michael went during his lunch break today and got one.  We got a copy of Spencer's by the time he was 3 months old. Poor, neglected 2nd born child. 
And just for the heck of it- this is what Spencer looked like on his first day of preschool.  Well, actually it was his first day of his second year because he went to daycare preschool two mornings a week for a year.  But this is what he looked like on his first day of preschool that is the same preschool where Elliott will go.  Got that?
I was about four months pregnant with Elliott while taking this picture.  Spencer was less than two months from turning four.

And the first day of his third year of preschool/second year of the same preschool where Elliott will go.

And this is what Elliott looked like on that day.

He was seven months old and finally healthy.
Moving on.

This is how I found Elliott after his nap yesterday.  Not really a milestone, but interesting that he could sleep with his face shoved down between the mattress and dresser like this.

But this is a milestone.  A big one.

This is the very last diaper of Elliott's life.
I bought a package of 22 diapers about 22 days ago.  We decided he would wear one each night until we used all of them.  He has woken up dry every single morning for this entire package of diapers.  We probably could have done this a few weeks ago, but we figured we would just use all of them.  Mostly so I could write this blog post.

Last night was the night.

I was ever so slightly worried that he would wake up wet this morning, but he wasn't.  Thank goodness.
I stopped at the Gap on my way home from work today.  There was a headless mannequin in the store window that just happened to be wearing the same outfit as me.  I bought the shirt at that same Gap two weeks ago.  It was slightly embarrassing but mostly just funny.

I was wearing white capri jeans too.
We went out for dinner tonight.  Mostly I was tired after working all day, I didn't want to cook and I wanted  to eat steak.  But we said it was to celebrate the end of diapers.

We went to Texas Roadhouse. The kids got balloon art and I got meat.  Win-win.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Another free photo book

I got a code for a free photo book from Shutterfly last week.  Luckily I already had a book made and ready to go.  It took two or three clicks and the book is on it's way.

This is the front and back of the book, to give you a hint on what it's about.

Check it out HERE!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The end of spring break

We spent the last four days in Tucson.  Michael and I drove home this afternoon and the kids are staying in Tucson with my parents for one more night.  I have to work tomorrow so I'm going to meet them in Casa Grande after work.  I have not ever, once, in 7.5 years gotten ready for work without a baby or a kid (or one of each) in the house.  It's going to be very weird tomorrow.

  Like I said, I go to work tomorrow, Spencer goes back the school on Tuesday and then we'll have to power through ten weeks before summer vacation begins. So, before that ten weeks starts, I'd like to do a wee-bit of a recap of the end of break.

We got really messed up on Spencer's allergy shot schedule because he was sick for so long, so we've been going every three days to get caught up.  We stopped in on Thursday morning, got shots, then went to lunch with Michael, then went to the Science Center, then drove down to Tucson.

On Friday Michael and I went to happy hour with my dad.  My dad meets his friends every Friday afternoon between 4 and 6 for what they call symposium.  

This is my uncle and dad.
That night Michael and I went to see Insurgent.  We saw the 10:10 pm show, so we needed a little coffee to stay awake.  The previous night with Elliott had been pretty rough for me.  He woke up coughing at 3:00 am and fell back asleep (after coughing in my face the whole time) around 6:00 am.  The movie was great, but as I told Michael who did not read the book, it was loosely based on the characters in the book Insurgent. 
On Saturday I attended the funeral of a former teacher at my elementary school. It was a beautiful celebration of her life.

Jeannette- this selfie is for you.  Much better than the bathroom selfie.  Ha.
That night I went to dinner with my parents, my mom's cousin and my brother.  Michael was with the kids with his parents.  Nick ordered the world's largest margarita and I was glow-in-the dark.
Michael's cousin, Parm, and her daughter, Grace, were in town from North Carolina this weekend.   We had a big brunch at my parent's house this morning so everybody could see everybody.

You may remember Parm as the winner of my big 1,000th blog post give-away.  She gave me a kind, yet stern, lecture this morning about my lack of blogging.  I told her that, honestly, I am as apathetic about blogging right now as I have ever been.  I don't want to stop doing it by any means, but jeez, does it take a lot of effort and enthusiasm that I don't seem to have these days. 

We took this picture and texted it to my older brother to make him jealous of the wine we were drinking.  That's how we role.

Nick photo-bombed this one.

By the way, Parm and Grace came to visit us in February 2013, so OF COURSE I did some comparisons.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More 2015 spring break

Last Friday was my last day of work for 10 days. I decided to start my spring break with a shopping spree.  On my way home I stopped at Fresh & Easy, Sprouts and Fry's for all sorts of necessary and unnecessary food.  Then I went to the bank, then I went to Walmart, then to Anna's Linens because I decided that we needed a summer time comforter.  I love our comforter and still think it's beautiful, but it's too damn hot in the summer.

We bought this when we moved into this house.  I picked the paint colors in our room based on this comforter.

I had a 50% off coupon and found this light little number for a steal.
It came with a bed skirt but I can't think of anything more annoying than changing a bed skirt on a king size bed, so we kept the same one on.  I decided that if anybody says anything about it and how it doesn't really match, well, they just can't be my friend anymore.

It's already so much nicer to sleep with this since we're experiencing summer time temperatures in March.

On Friday night I made a pie for Pi day on 3.14. It's the first time I have ever participated in Pi day.

On Saturday Michael took the kids to a birthday party and I met up with Laura, who drove up from Tucson to spend the weekend with me.

In a very strange twist on normal life, Michael took pictures and I did not.

This is a recap of what Laura and I did on Saturday:
Met at Old Navy.  Bought clothes.
Went to The Gap.  Bought clothes (me) and shoes (Laura).
Went back to Old Navy.  More clothes for Laura.
Went to Starbucks.  Drank a lot of coffee.
Went to IKEA.  Ate a snack.  Went shopping.
Went to Total Wine for wine tasting.  Bought wine.
Came home.
Had a life altering, confessional-type heart to heart conversation.
Got ready.
Went to dinner.
Sat at the bar next to some pirates and had a drink.
Ate dinner.
Came home.
Sat in the living room and ate pie and talked.
Forgot to drink the wine we bought.
Went to bed.
Got up many hours later.
Went to breakfast.
Went to Target.
Laura left.

It was totally fantastic.

The original plan for Monday was that Spencer was going to art camp, Elliott was going to Dorothy's house and I was going to the movies by myself (or something like that.  I hadn't really decided yet).  Then the art camp got cancelled, but both kids still really wanted to go to Dorothy's house.

I dropped them off around 11:30 and then went to Bookman's where I bought this:
I love Emily Giffin books.  They can be finished in a night or two and they're just simply fun books to read.  I took my book to Starbucks where I sat in a nice chair, listened to music and read.  It was lovely and I told Michael I want to do it once a week from now on.  He rolled his eyes at me.

I picked up the kids a couple of hours later and took them to Dairy Queen for their free DQ birthday cone.
When Michael got home from work we walked to the park to do a photo session with Elliott for 3 years 3 months.

First he had to chase some ducks who were very lost because there is no water nearby.

The slide idea was mine and I'm pretty proud of it.

Tuesday was St. Patrick's day.  We stayed home all day and were bums, except for when I made them participate in an intensive photo shoot.

Elliott got sent to bed at 7 pm for having a poor attitude and refusing to eat anything for dinner.  So Spencer and I had to do our green mustache photo shoot without him.

Today I took Spencer in for a free "drop off" art camp at the IDEA museum.  Elliott and I played all over the museum while Spencer was doing his art activities.

His favorite is the camping room.  We were in there when the whole building got put in lock down because there was a gunman loose in Mesa (right down the street from the museum actually) shooting multiple people in multiple locations.

After we were done at the museum I took the kids out for lunch and then to Sonic for slushies (them) and unsweetened ice tea (me).  We were driving home and were almost home when I noticed Elliott was being awfully quiet.  I looked back and was absolutely shocked to see this.  He hasn't slept in the car in probably two years.

But never fear.  Spencer was wide awake.  Because his motto from birth has always been "cars are never for sleeping".