Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Wednesday night in the dorm was completely craptastic.  The bed was OK- not awful, not wonderful, but the room was as bright as sleeping on the surface of the sun.  Light came in from the hallway and from the security lights outside.  And of course the blinds didn't close all the way.  I went to bed at 9 pm (which is absolutely unheard of) and my alarm went off at 6:30.  In that time I probably got 5 to 6 hours of sleep.  No bueno.

Elliott had no trouble sleeping.

Spencer said the light kept him awake all night, but I call bull on his claim.

After breakfast in the dining hall we drove 30 minutes west of Flagstaff to Williams, the home of Bearizona.  Bearizona opened about 5 years ago and this was our first visit.  It is a combination drive-through wild animal park and typical walk-through zoo.  

We paid our entry free and drove through the park first.  We didn't linger very long on any of the animals and we didn't take any pictures, because we were trying to make it to the 10:00 open air bus ride. Plus you can drive through as many times as you want so there was no pressure to spend a lot of time the first time.

I find it interesting that you have to have windows up and doors locked in your own car whilst traveling through the habitats of the dangerous animals, but sit on a bus with no windows or doors and you're fine. 

I'm pretty sure these were mountain goats.





I had to remind myself several times that they were NOT cuddly dogs.

And finally, BEARS!

Tree climbing bears!

They were very fast.  If a bear is ever chasing you do not climb a tree because they will catch and eat you within about 2 seconds.

This was a two week old calf.  Apparently the white calves have a genetic mutation and they just die after a few weeks.  They appear healthy, they nurse, they walk and then they just die in their sleep.  The animal handlers haven't named this guy yet because they don't expect him to live.  I was totally bummed out after hearing that.  Way to ruin the tour, tour guide.

More bison

Long horn sheep

And more bears

The open air bus ride took about 45 minutes and then we went into the walking part of the zoo.

Up first, we saw a bird show.  To be honest, it was incredibly boring.
Then we walked around.

Spencer's favorite part was the baby bear cubs.


Petting zoo

Red fox

Badger.  This guy was so damn fast I had a hard time getting a picture of him.

We were in the walk around zoo part for more than a hour and then we drove through again.  This time we took our time and took a lot of pictures.  But, I will spare you and not show all of them.  Because, really, do you care?  I hardly even care 1 week later.

This guy was meandering by to the left of us when all of a sudden he picked up the pace and changed direction to come straight at us.  I seriously think he would have rammed my door if I hadn't pushed on the gas real quick. 

I took a picture of him behind us.   What a jerk.

After we drove back from Bearizona I took the kids to the park.  My friend Ande, who I went to high school with, met us there.  She lives and works right down the street.  We would have liked to have spent more time together but she was leaving town the next day and we just didn't have any other time.
It was a 20 minute drive from the park to dinner.  Somebody was a little knocked out from the events of the day.
After dinner we all took showers and got all fancied up for the inauguration of the governor of Boys State.  Well, except for my dad.  He pulled the seniority card and did not get dressed up.

My dad gave the kids flags and Elliott went a little wild with his while the band was playing.

Up next: 29 degrees at the top of a mountain.

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Sherry said...

This reminds me of that crazy animal park outside of Charlotte where we had the boys' birthday party a couple of years ago. It was also a drive-through park as well, but we chose not to risk damage to our vehicles by driving through. Those animals can be pretty crazy putting their heads in vehicles and many have big horns. Haha! How sad about the little white calves. That really bummed me out too! You would think they could figure out what is wrong with them and try to help them more. :-( I would have loved the baby bear cubs too. I guess I do have a sensitive spot for babies.