Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter aftermath

I have been mentally working on three different posts.  I've been writing them in my head for quite some time, but until everything is "done" I can't really write them yet.  The first post is about some home projects that have been in the works since January, the second is about the surgery Spencer is having on Thursday and the last is about Elliott being evaluated for and qualifying for physical therapy.

In the mean time, her is an incredibly simple post about our Easter decorations this year.  I left them up for one week post Easter and now we're back to a regular, no decorations house until mid-June.

I'm getting fairly tired of the red wall above the mantel.  Any ideas for a different color?  Would black be just too much?

I bought these scratch art butterflies at Easter time last year but didn't open them until this year.  We all had a lot of fun scratching designs into them.

We forgot to take these magnets off the dishwasher so I might just leave them up until Halloween.

The boys got these cookie pops from Jerry and Lois on Easter.  We might just eat all the Easter crap by Halloween.  

I let them have them the day after Easter before they got really hard and inedible.

Michael's Aunt Linda gave us two of these bird nest cookies with birds and eggs.
And these are all of the chocolate bunnies.  This doesn't even begin to show all the rest of the candy.  One of those bunnies is mine, but I'm sugar free until maybe Mother's Day and if not Mother's Day, Michael's birthday.  I think it will keep.


Megan said...

I was wondering what the black paint "chips" were for on pintrest...go for it. Also I think you should paint the entry way "cut out" too.

Sherry said...

Of all your holiday decor, you know the Easter ones are my favorites. (from the bunny lover) I live precariously through you when it comes to holiday decorating. All I did this year was put up a little bunny banner on the mantle that I got from Target. I really want to leave it up all year because, hello, it's bunnies. Haha! And wow, I have never seen that many chocolate bunnies. Haha!

Sherry said...

Oh and maybe a dark navy for the spot above the mantle. I don't know. I am sure it will look great with whatever you choose. ;-)

Jeannette said...

Holy cow! Why do you have so many chocolate bunnies?

Ok, so here's a crazy thought (that totally might not work AT ALL) for above the mantle... what about blackboard paint? You can have it be black, but also fairly easily color or "doodle" it for seasons. Would that be weird? I don't know. Just thinking out loud. Ryan would totally tell you to go for it. ;)

Cat said...

This post reminded me I never put up my 4th of July decorations. I only have like 4, but I'm on it now. Thanks!