Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Other December Happenings

I'm trying really hard to wrap up everything that I missed in December when I was the worst blogger ever.
On December 8th we participated in a candlelight walk to raise money for Phoenix Children's Hospital.
Elliott has received so much care there and it was really important for us to do something to help.  This seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Chelsea Kane was the grand marshall.  She is, apparently, famous, but I had never heard of her.
Scott MacIntyre was the featured entertainer.  I had never heard of him either.  I guess I am not as young, hip and in the know as I thought I was.  He was a finalist on American Idol.

Our goal was to raise $200.  We ended up raising $280.  Big thanks to all of our donors: Jerry & Lois, Kara, Karen, my parents, Michael's parents, Rosemary, and Susan.
On December 10th, Spencer and I made our gingerbread house. 

December 10th is my dad's birthday.  We were driving home from school that day when Spencer said to me, "mommy?  If grandpa's birthday is on a Monday this year then it means his birthday was on a Sunday last year."  How in the world does he know that!?  I certainly never explained it to him.  He totally blew my mind.  Then I really blew his mind when I told him about leap years.
The next day, December 11th, we had Amy, Jake and Trent over for one last dinner.  They moved to Indiana on the 17th.  We are very, very sad about it. 

In true second child form, Elliott had 2.5 teeth before we started brushing them on December 13th.  I think Spencer had half a tooth when we started with him.

I got to go to Spencer's school to do his Christmas craft with him on December 17th.  Last year I was either still on bedrest in the hospital or Elliott was like 3 days old.  I don't actually remember. 
And finally.
Elliott pulled the towel off the oven door on December 19th.  Ginger saw fabric on the floor and in true Ginger form she sat on it,
and then took a nap on it.


Sherry said...

Way to go on the fundraising! So glad you have a great children's hospital that was there for little Elliott! And hey, despite your busy month, you did manage to get a lot in...when did you sleep again? I wanted to do a gingerbread house but could never find the time or energy sadly. Ya'll's rocked! Merry Christmas to you all! :-)

Cat said...

Does Ginger have 17 beds in the new house? I guess they were too far away and she had to take the towel instead. :-)