Thursday, December 20, 2012

Elliott's Snowman First Birthday Party

We closed on the new house and got the keys on November 1st.  We started living here on November 11th.  We had belongings in both houses until November 30th when we finally said goodbye to our old house (and good riddance to our landlord).  Since November 11th I have taken every single opportunity I had to work on unpacking the new house.  Even if it was at 2 am.  I made Michael do the same.  All of that was in preparation for Elliott's party.  The only reason I even decorated for Christmas (besides the fact that I would have had a panic attack and ended up in the hospital if I didn't decorate for such a huge holiday) is because of Elliott's party.
The good news is that Elliott's party is done.  And so is the house.  We can finally just relax and enjoy ourselves!
I stayed up until 6:13 am the day of Elliott's party.  Then I slept until 8:20.  You would think that I would have been a little bit more with it and put together having planned this party since January.  But I wasn't.  I was making cheese sauce for homemade mac and cheese at 3 am.  I finished the cakes around 5 am.  It was ridiculous.  I have never stayed up that late prepping a party.  Writing my graduate school thesis.....yes.  Cake  I wasn't even ready when people started arriving.  But that's only because about 86% of the invitees were confused about the start time (though it was clearly stated on the invite) and started arriving early.
So here we go.
Snowman cake
My original plan was to make snowmen cupcake toppers out of marshmallows.  I abandoned that plan 2 days before the party because I had a rare moment of clarity and was actually honest with myself that it was too much.
These guys came from Walmart at a price of <$5 for 12.  Worth every penny.
Elliott's smash cake
Ginger didn't get a single morsel of cake the night before Elliott's party, unlike when she ate 3 of Spencer's car cakes the night before his first birthday party.  She probably wanted to, she just didn't have the opportunity since I was in the kitchen when she would have tried.
The cake buffet and hot chocolate bar 
The snowman cheese ball

Snowman heads and bodies (powdered sugar donuts)
We had 38 adults and 11 kids, and I didn't even come close to taking a picture of everyone. 

I got fake snow that looks and feels real.  It's what they use in movies.  We filled the sandbox with it. 

There was an arts and crafts project in Spencer's room.  It was basically putting foam snowman stickers on a piece of construction paper.  We go all out for our guests.
I've spent the past 4 months buying snowman stuff and I have no pictures of any of it.  Fail.
I did get a print of each of Elliott's monthly pictures and put them in the hallway.  They are still there.  I need to add his 1 year print.
I kept this star from Spencer's first birthday party.  That means that I moved it to two different houses and managed to not damage or lose it.  Can I get some applause?
Elliott knew that we were singing to him.  He got a little embarassed from the attention.  This is his embarrased face. 
He wasn't sure what to do with the cake.
Michael gave him a taste of frosting.

He figured it out.

We had everyone sign a mat for a frame at Spencer's first birthday party.  I forgot that I wanted to do this for Elliott until the DAY BEFORE THE PARTY.  Then I had to breath into a paper bag to try to regain my composure after forgetting such an important detail.
Jeannette is demonstrating what a thoughtful party go-er looks like while mentally creating the perfect message for a first birthday mat. 
There must be enthusiasm during the process.
We had a lot of little helpers.
The two snowman gift elves 
Murdered snowman cheese ball 
Butchered snowman cake
It was like 50 degrees outside, but Spencer claimed he was too hot for a shirt. I love this picture of him with my dad.

It was a great party.  I really felt like it was the celebration of Elliott that I intended it to be.  It was really a lot of work though. Next year I think we'll just pick up some pizzas and go to the park.
No.  I can't do it.  Even just typing that felt wrong.  I must start a pinterest board and start planning now.  I'm thinking gingerbread man.......


Sherry said...

Where to begin? I love it all...except how crazy it made mom but that's just part of the job. I love the snow box area and of course the cute cake eater. I think my favorite part is that no one wanted to eat the snowmen's heads. Haha! You can just ship those to me for Christmas. ;-)

3in3mom said...

LOVE reading your adventures! I admire the efforts you put into your parenting these two cute boys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elliott!

The GVZs said...

Great party! Hope you are still napping.

Megan said...

You are officially OUT OF CONTROL....and that's why I love you!

Cat said...

You are too much! Maybe I should hire you to do my wedding. We're doing gingerbread stuff at work this week. Want me to send you the crafts for Elliott's second birthday? lol I'm sure yours will be more creative than what I have. hee hee