Saturday, May 7, 2011

Monday and Friday

Monday and Friday were eventful days for us this past week.  By saying "eventful" I just mean that we actually had "something" going on, rather than "nothing".  I didn't even take a single picture on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  No, on second thought, that's not true.  I took pictures on my phone but, silly me, I still can't figure out how to download them to the computer. 

Michael's cousin Tammy lives in Vermont.  We don't see her very often.  She was in Phoenix for business so we invited her over for dinner. 
2nd cousins!
1st cousins!

Cousins by marriage!
Varying degrees of cousins!


Amy and Jacob came over and we went to the splash pad.  I took pictures before we left because the boys have the same aqua t-shirt.

Spencer flat out refused to sit next to Jacob.  What a diva. 

No pictures from the splash pad. 

Amy and I were too busy chasing the boys and trying to not get drenched.

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Joshua said...

Aqua Diva?