Sunday, June 21, 2015

Heat related delay

Hello there!

Sorry for the totally unintended blogging vacation.  Sometimes I don't blog because I'm in a non-blogging mood.  Sometimes I don't blog because there is nothing to blog about.  Sometimes I don't blog because there is lots to blog about but I'm just too busy.  And then sometimes, like last week, I don't blog because it is too damn hot.  So, yeah, that's my excuse for disappearing for a week.   The heat.  It can be used as an excuse for lots of things.

Michael and I are going to Vermont for a week starting on Wednesday.  My parents are coming up to take care of the kids.  I'm going to try to work diligently to set up a bunch of auto posts so you won't even notice I'm gone.  This is in addition to working the next two days, finishing the staining in the kitchen, packing and preparing everything for the kids and my parents while we're gone.  We'll see.  I might just sleep for 2 hours (total) the next 3 days.

Waaaaaaaaay back on Monday, June 8th we went to Phoenix Children's Hospital for Spencer's dermatology appointment.  They have teen volunteers going around to all of the waiting areas to play games with the waiting kids.  This particular volunteer started a game of Uno with the kids.  Spencer quit after a minute because they weren't following any rules (just laying random cards down) and he was pissed and disgusted.

It was a good appointment.  The doctor doesn't think his skin is too thin at all, and we came up with a plan to get him off steroids at least for small bits of time.
We also did a blood draw to check his platelets and iron count to make sure nothing was weird with those that might be causing his big bruises.  Both of those labs came back normal.

While we were waiting at the lab (we went to the one in the hospital) we saw Dr. Miloh, Elliott's former hepatologist.  He was walking by on his way to lunch.  It was fantastic to see him and to catch up a little bit, completely out of the context of an appointment. 

That afternoon Spencer had day one of a two week basketball camp.  These are the only pictures I took the whole time.  He really enjoyed it and learned a lot of the fundamental rules and concepts about basketball.

Oh and that evening, this happened.  It just happened to occur while we pulled into the garage.  I told Michael that I will now be taking pictures every 1,000 miles.  He just rolled his eyes.
I worked on Tuesday the 9th.  My supervisor is letting me order several hundred dollars worth of new materials.  When we talked about what I wanted to order he wanted a list of things I already have that belong to the school.  There aren't many items that belong to the school, so that list was easy to make.  It did, however, prompt me to take pictures of all of my personal materials so that just in case something were to happen to them, I will have a visual record of what I've got.

These are just some of my favorite materials.

On Wednesday the 10th Elliott had physical therapy.

And then we went to the IDEA museum.  The hospital where he does physical therapy is close to the IDEA museum, so this is going to be our Wednesday plan.  Well, for the few remaining Wednesdays we have left.  The kids start back to school in 4 weeks.

They have a whole new story-telling section, including a glow in the dark tea party room.  It used to be the camping room.

That night Ginger took a nap in what has to be the most awkward location, ever.

I mean really Ginger.  You couldn't find anywhere else in this entire house to lay your head?
Also that night I opened the coffee that I had bought in Flagstaff at Sears for 99 cents.  It was leftover from Christmas and apparently somebody found it in storage.
On Thursday the 11th I took "before" pictures of the kitchen cabinets, but I'll do a whole post about that.  Because that is exactly what you want to see.  More pictures of me doing more staining of my cabinets.  

On Friday the 12th we celebrated both of the kids moving up to the next levels of classes in swimming.  Elliott was moving to Shrimp and Spencer to Fish, so I made shrimp and fish for dinner.  Sometimes you just have to have a little fun in life.


Jeannette said...

So glad the labs came back normal. I remember us chatting while that was happening and I wondered what the results were.

When Ellie and Spencer are married, there will be lots of card and board games played with directions explicitly followed. Explicitly.

Sherry said...

I have been on a lot of long blogging hiatuses lately for most of those reasons. I do have plenty to blog about and am still several weeks behind. Sigh. Poor Spencer. You just can't play a card game with toddlers. Haha! I have the least pictures of Evan's experience with basketball because it is almost impossible to get decent pictures in gymnasiums. The lighting is terrible. Glad Spencer enjoyed the basketball camp. That children's museum looks pretty awesome (I think you have posted about it before). I love the Alice in Wonderland themed costumes. And yum, that dinner looks fantastic. Glad your little swimmers are progressing so well. I assume they will be like their mother and be great at swimming and diving! :-)