Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First pool party of 2015

Back during our essential oils get-together at Lauren's house in May we realized that nobody had signed up to host our June get-together.  Nobody was happy about skipping a month because in 5 years we've never skipped a month, so I agreed to host a pool party on Sunday the 14th, which was basically the only day of the whole month that everybody could make it.

Our back patio gets really dirty so that morning Michael went outside and worked on cleaning up the whole yard for close to 2 hours.

During that clean-up we decided these toys had to go.  But it made me panicky and sad, so I insisted we take pictures first before giving them to our neighbors for their grandson.

Nobody was happy about the forced participation.  We've had these since Spencer was 1. 
Last summer a huge monsoon ripped apart our gazebo covers and we have been white trash neighbors with uncovered gazebos since then.  Thanks in part to a generous birthday donation from my parents, we no longer have a backyard that looks like this.

Now it looks like this.  Much shadier and less embarrassing.

Oh, and I got these shots of Ginger being glorious.

Everybody came over around 2:00 and after some snacks and sangria we hit the pool.  Cynthia was able to make it from California and she brought her under water camera.

I'll just let the awesome pictures do all the talking.


Valerie said...

I want to be your neighbor so bad I can't stand it.

Jeannette said...

I meant to comment on the last post that Ginger and her sleep placement just crack me up and remind me of how Penny chooses her awkward resting spots. That, of course, has nothing to do with this post, but the pictures of Ginger in all her glory reminded me.

How cool are those underwater shots? Probably almost makes you wish you decided to stay white trash and forgo the gazebo covers for your own underwater camera. :)

Sherry said...

One day I will get to join one of your awesome pool parties! Remember, I dreamed about it when you first purchased this house. :-) I love the awesome underwater pictures of course. Elliott does great holding his breath under water. Brody loves going under water, but he makes me nervous because he doesn't always keep his mouth closed and takes in too much water. Sigh.

Stella Hammond said...

I think your pool looks fine either way. It does seem to be built for guests and parties, with its accommodating setup in the middle of the sunshine, amid palm trees and the like. Pool parties are a great idea, and it's cool that you held one for 2015. Thanks for sharing!

Stella Hammond @ Palm City Pools

Cat said...

I LOVE these monthly get togethers you do. I want to do something like that out here.