Monday, June 29, 2015

Father's Day 2015

I feel like it's not fair to Michael that his birthday is so close to Father's Day.  His BD and FD always fall about 2 to 3 weeks apart, so he has to wait an entire year to celebrate and then we celebrate him twice, rapid fire.

I asked him if there was anything special he wanted for Father's Day just in general and also for meals.  I mentioned making a french toast casserole and getting him a fancy coffee and he was all for that.  But then I got lazy and made just regular french toast, mostly because I wasn't eating it and the kids didn't want any.
They wanted donuts instead.  They got donuts from the grocery store when I went out to buy the bread and the 600 calorie frappuccino. 

After breakfast Spencer wanted to do presents right away.  We took a "not official because Daddy hasn't showered yet" picture.

When I broached the subject of presents Michael said he wanted new dress shirts for work.  


This was from Kohl's,

and the next three are from H&M.

Please ignore that Michael looks like he is naked underneath.  I got a little lax with the cropping.

We also threw in a few Star Wars shirts because Spencer is having a Star Wars themed 8th birthday and he was concerned his father would have nothing to wear.

We spent most of the day doing projects around the house and then went out for dinner.  Dads ate for free at Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers (yes, it is really called that) so we went there.
This is after when Elliott had a huge meltdown about sitting in the booth and I called BS on his attitude and made him sit outside in the 110 degree heat until he calmed down.  It took 2 minutes.
Right before we made Elliott go to bed at 7:30 I remembered we needed to get an official picture.

Official for 2015

And a trip down memory lane:








I had no idea I put Elliott in the same shirt this year until I went to get the picture from last year.  Oops.


Maryellen said...

You guys made a great day for Michael!! I love the recap throughout the years!!!!

Sherry said...

Well, mine had to share the day with our anniversary, but I think our guys were well celebrated. Of course, Eddie got no presents, but he is used to that. He did get cards. Haha!

Cat said...

My husband would like to go to that restaurant (just the name alone impresses him).