Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Really lame

I sat down at the computer on Monday to download all of the pictures from my camera and my phone for the previous week.  Something like 20 pictures later, the download was done.  Apparently last week was a bit of a slow one in the picture taking department.  This week is shaping up to be similar but I will try to to get at least a few more so I can have something to blog about.  

Last Monday, the 6th, Spencer was a lucky 7 years 7 months old.  I'm going to blink and he'll be 8.  And then I will blink again and he'll be 18.

He wore the outfit he got in his Easter basket for the occasion.

On Wednesday I took Elliott with me to two different doctor's appointments.  It is going to be so nice when he starts preschool and I have an opportunity to do such things without a kid tagging along.  I got 4 months of that when Spencer was in preschool before Elliott was born.  But I was pregnant and uncomfortable the whole time.

First up was my skin check at the dermatologist.  I have to go every six months now.  She used liquid nitrogen to burn off a couple of suspicious spots.  Dang it hurt.  I was surprised.  My dad has it done all the time and he never mentioned anything about it being painful.

We had an hour in between appointments (the second one was with my plastic surgeon who is going to take off some moles for me) so we went to the outlet malls for some new clothes (me), new sunglasses (Elliott), iced coffee (me) and a smoothie (Elliott).
On Saturday I made bacon egg souffles for me and Michael for breakfast.  They came out of the oven all puffed up and golden and I was impressed with myself.  I snapped a quick picture before they deflated and looked awful.
Later that day Spencer smacked the ceiling fan with his light saber and got the chain all wrapped up and stuck in the motor.  He felt really bad about it, but even so, I still confiscated all the light sabers for a week.  I think we should buy one more so they can both have three.  That seems reasonable.
On Sunday Michael's parents came up from Tucson to help with the home projects that I will be blogging about soon.  Before they left we went out to eat at Cheddars.  Elliott had some carbs with a side of carbs on top of some more carbs.

And on Monday Spencer came home with this bruise on his leg.  He fell at recess.  He says it does not hurt at all.
This has been high on my list of fears for quite some time.  He has had thinning skin on his legs for a while because of the steroid creams he uses for his eczema.   It's called steroid atrophy.  Big bruises like this (that don't fit the injury) are a symptom of steroid atrophy.  So, I immediately called to get him in to the dermatologist.  First available appointment: early June.



Valerie said...

I know you have researched it so what happens if he does have steroid atrophy?

Jeannette said...

Seriously, June? That's ridiculous.

Not ridiculous? A dinner of carbs on top of carbs with a side of carbs. And maybe some ice cream for dessert. Or a chocolate bunny if you still have one left over. Man, to be a preschooler. Ellie does a lot of "my tummy says it's full of chicken, but still has room for ice cream".

Ridiculous again? Your mad souffle and souffle photography skillz.

Sherry said...

That shirt had better become his lucky fishing shirt that he wears to catch the big one. Haha! Yep, your light sabre collection looks quite similar to ours. And I just love Elliott's diet of carbs. Too bad we can't eat like that, huh? Yikes, that is some bruise. I never realized long time steroid cream use could do that to your skin. Poor baby. He just can't catch a break. :-(