Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter 2015

I always blow myself away when I come up with such original and unique post titles.  This one is a real winner.

The day began with happy kids.  They were excited to get their baskets and search for eggs/candy.

Spencer has been using these horrible, cheap, star shaped sunglasses that he got at a birthday party.  He really needed a new pair.  These have Darth Vader on them.

After the baskets were emptied it was time to fill them up again.  

But first, we found Winston! 

He brought everybody a Cadbury Creme Egg.

Ginger was not amused that her morning nap was disturbed with so much activity.

I have taken sibling and individual pictures of the kids with their baskets each year since Elliott was born.  This year, not so much.  My picture taking gets lazier and failier every year.  Yes, I just invented the word failier. 

Just brothers this year.  I guess I could edit and crop a picture where I delete one boy and one basket at a time.

After we ate some candy we got ready and went to church.  Then we stopped at Dunkin Donuts after church, because it felt like the day needed more sugar.

Back at home I decided we needed family pictures before anyone else arrived.  It's always like a 45 minute adventure getting a good one so we needed to focus.

Checking the lighting.

Nick was our camera man.

Time to get ready for company and more eating!

My mom was going to buy croissants from a French bakery, but I told her that rolls from Texas Roadhouse would be better.  I stand by my decision.

Ginger took her 19th nap of the day.

Nick made two pies.  A banana cream pie and a lemon meringue ice cream pie.  
This is a very old and still funny inside joke that Nick and I have.  It dates back to June of 1995.  I would be happy to tell you the story but you have to call me to hear it.  It does not translate well to written words.
It just so happens that my mother took our picture within days of the origins of the joke in June of 1995.  It also just so happens that I have a scan of this picture.
So what else would I do but a comparison?  

It's kind of driving me crazy that we're not standing in the same positions, we're not in a forest, we're not wearing sunglasses, Nick doesn't have a hat and we're missing the sweatshirts tied around our waists in the new picture.  We're going to have to drive to Albuquerque this summer to do a real comparison picture.

Back to Easter!
I got these bunny ears for free at Hallmark the previous day.  They just gave them to me.  I suspect that they cost $10+ dollars.

The carrot cake bunny cake was a big hit, but nobody wanted to eat his cute little face.  I ate his ear.  It was delicious.

The pies were also a success.

And at this point we packed up, loaded the car and in a state of being partially depressed and partially too full, we drove home.


Valerie said...

Failier. I feel like we need to make this a thing. I am going to have to catch up at some point and find out the story behind y'alls hand gesture!

You are the Arizona speech language pathologist Martha Stewart. For realsies.

Sherry said...

What a fun Easter! Seriously, remind me next year to do an inside egg hunt. I love it! And I am still experiencing Easter basket envy. Haha! I will get over it eventually...maybe. And I too failed at getting individual pictures of the boys during our annual Spring/Easter photography session. Sigh. I need them though because I need updated pictures for my blog sidebar. Haha! Nick did a great job on the family pictures. I love your blue dress! Sounds like an awesome day of good food, family, and fun! :-) And again with Nick's never ending list of skills. That guy is a keeper for sure. Haha! I can only imagine the comedy of that inside brother/sister joke. ;-)

Jeannette said...

Is it just me or doe the last "Faily" picture of the boys with their baskets really show how similar their features can look?

No matter what though, you got some super cute pictures from the day, which is most certainly a win!

Also, Spencer looks super cool in his new shades :)

Cat said...

I love that Winston visits regularly.