Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The start of spring break and Ginger's birthday

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Spencer's last day of school was on Friday.  He is off until Tuesday the 25th for spring break.  I am still working this week, but as of 3:00ish tomorrow (depending on the length of my last meeting) I am done until April 1st.  How awesome would it be if I went to work that day and they said, "April Fool's!  Go back home!" ?
Anyway, since I was still working this week I couldn't do fun stuff with the kids every day.  I wanted to make Monday kind of special since the rest of the week would be kind of blah.  And by blah, I mean Dorothy was here and they probably had way more fun with her compared to me.
We started the day at Village Inn.  The kids had pancakes.  I had steak and eggs.  Everyone left happy.


After breakfast we made a quick trip to Home Goods for coffee and a birthday present for Ginger.
Then we went to the park. 

Then it was on the Great Clips so Spencer could get his hair cut really short.  I'm tired of it looking shaggy. 
I asked Spencer what he wanted for lunch and he said ice cream.  Since they had just had a huge breakfast and I was in a yes mood I said OK. 
I promise they usually eat much healthier than pancakes for breakfast and ice cream for lunch. 
Oh, and this was Ginger's present. 
After Elliott took the first nap where he actually slept in more than a week we did some birthday glamour shots with Ginger.
But first I must show you what the littlest miss looked like the day we adopted her 7 years ago.  And BTW, we don't know when her real birthday is, so we consider her adoption day to be her birthday.
I picked her up in Tucson on a Saturday morning and drove her home right away.  It took me hours to get her to calm down enough to take a nap.  

These two were a few days later.  It's amazing how grey she has gone in 7 years. 


The flower was a birthday present from Maryellen. 

 Finally, in a totally embarrassing move, we went to McDonald's and bought Ginger some dinner.
She was totally into it and wished it was her birthday every day.
She chowed down,
And then went for a walk to burn off some of those calories. 
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Maryellen said...

Your whole family (I'm including Ginger) ate fantastically on Monday!! I think Ginger's meal was the best and she looks so cute in the burger picture. She totally knew what was about to happen.

Sherry said...

Ginger, you are such a pretty birthday girl! I hope you had a fantastic day. You have a pretty amazing family!

*Side note: I love seeing little things in our posts that show that although we live hundreds of miles apart, we still do similar things. Eddie, Evan and Brody all get their haircuts at Great Clips, and the place pretty much looks exactly the same! :-)

Cat said...

Happy Birthday Ginger (my brother's dog's birthday is close to Ginger's birthday--I believe he does the same thing and celebrates it the day he got her). Also, your blog kind of made me want pancakes, but it's nearly 11:00 so perhaps I shouldn't make them at this hour.