Monday, March 24, 2014

St.P's decorations and lemon juicing

I have about 18 hours left to show you the St. Patrick's Day decorations before it is no longer seasonally appropriate.
I took everything down today and packed it all away in a new green sterlite container.  We get 1.5 weeks of no decorations in this house before breaking out the bunnies, chicks and eggs.
Entry way- I didn't notice until today that the table had somehow moved a good six inches away from center.  It has now been fixed.
Pantry door
Hallway closet door 
Dining room 
Dining room table 
Front door 
Entertainment center in family room 
Dining room chandelier 
Kitchen chandelier 
Snoopy flag outside 
Sign by front door 
OK.  Now that we've gotten through that little bit, let's move on to the fun stuff we did last week during the overlapping weeks of Spencer's and my spring breaks.
On Tuesday (last week) we started the day with breakfast and cartoons while still in our jammies.  Elliott seemed to have a really itchy butt (perhaps caused by the 2% humidity level?) and ended up with a bit of a plumbers crack after scratching. 
Spencer thought it was DISGUSTING, but I thought it was hilarious.
That afternoon we got out the activity tower and Elliott used it for the very first time.  Spencer used it for about a year after Papa built it for us and then kind of outgrew it.  Elliott will get many more years out of this baby.

We had 2 huge bags of lemons from John and Maryellen's tree to squeeze.
It took FOREVER, but we got through all of them and ended up with half a gallon of juice.

The day after the butt showing and lemon squeezing we went to the science center.  There are 7,000 pictures from that, though, so I will save it for its own post.


Sherry said...

Oh, I did love that butt picture on FB! Haha! Those lemons look super yummy. I have been making my own lemon and lime infused water lately (actually it was orange last week because I ran out of lemons and limes) on my health kick. I could use some of that lemon juice! :-)

Jeannette said...

When I was about Spencer's age, we briefly lived in a house with a lemon tree. Being a little scientist, I used to pick the lemons, measure, and assign a color rating. I would then put them back outside and see how much they had grown in a week. Strange thing, they never grew...

Oh and just in case, dibs on Elliott's shirt when he outgrows it. Do I even need to call dibs anymore? :-P

Cat said...

I love that I am not the only one who decorates for St. Patrick's Day because not a lot of my friends around here do. I am impressed you took 1.5 weeks off because I went straight from St. Pat's decorations to Easter ones. St. Pat's ones can be hard to find though. I'm curious as to where you got yours.